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Playboy Beauty Mood Lipgloss, Not In The Mood

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cute gloss!


 This reminds me of the flushed shade DuWop lip venom would give my lips, but without any of that horrible burning. This is one of my fool-proof glosses. When I don't know what lip color to wear, I just apply this and it turns into the most gorgeous, flattering shade against my complection. It's almost like I had a gloss custom made for me to be complimentary no matter what other m/u I have on. Can you tell I adore this lol? I got it as a GWP with some other PB items, but I would definitely purchase at full price. One of my favorite glosses because it's so versatile and always looks good! I  have this in 'Not in the Mood' it's a light pink and must be one of the only lipglosses I've tried that isn't sticky or gloopy. I love it. It's a pretty pink that would go with any skin tone and it doesn't become an ugly colour when it changes. I am going to get the 'In the Mood' lipgloss next.The packaginig even has hot pink metallic bunny heads down the side. So cute! 

Franklin, TN


I love this stuff with a passion


This is an awesome lipgloss I could use it every day. It really does change colors & the smell is so nice When you first put it on it looks weird and after a couple seconds it transforms into a great shade of pink.   I bought 6 of these they were on sale for 12 bucks I wanted to stock up lol

Roseville, MI


Not in the mood? Don't say a word. Let your lips show it.


***Quick View:*** This is overpriced but so cute! It is a nice lip gloss that also makes a cute gift. I like the shade and wear it alone or over lip stain to shine my lips and maybe ... get me in the mood. ;) *** About Playboy Beauty Mood Lipgloss, Not In The Mood ***Playboy says: *"Clear, cushiony lip gloss that reacts with the natural PH of your lips to give you your own perfect shade of pink. Wear alone or over lip stain for added glamour." *They got this right. This gloss is very different from others. It comes in both *Not in the Mood *and *In the Mood*. The shade I got is lighter pink while *In the Mood* is a deeper color. Maybe our lips tell people what mood we are in? This light, non-sticky gloss slicks on with the cutest playboy bunny handle. I love to pull it out of my purse in public restrooms because women DO notice and ask where I got it. I just tell them Hef gives all us bunnies ones in our goody bags. (Bwahahaha). This gloss gives my lips a gentle pink hue and lots and lots of shine. I wear it alone and under lipstain for a shiny, sexy pout that doesn't say I'm Not in the Mood. It says quite the opposite. The deeper shade is pretty and I will indulge in that next. This gloss lasts the typical amount of time for a gloss - about 45 minutes - and then slowly wears off. It doesn't have many bells and whistles with taste but it has a decent scent and it really does seem to react to my lip hue. The pink on my lips turns deeper after a few minutes. I like this gloss both for what it looks like on my lips and the novelty of the tube. ***My Viewpoint*** Not in the Mood? Say it with your lips. I mean, uh, say it without speaking. I mean, wear it on your lips. Wear this gloss to convey that. Switch up and wear *In the Mood* when you want to wordlessly get the message across. Frankly, this gloss is so pouty and sexy, I think people will assume you are "in the mood" no matter which shade you choose. This is fun gloss and the tube is a great novelty and makes a good gift. ***4 funs stars***.

The heart of , NY


Playboy Beauty Mood Lipgloss, Not In The Mood

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