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Plavix Clopidogrel

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Plavix helps to prevent clogged arteries


Hello everyone, my name is Aurelia and I have taken Plavix for the past five years. It's primary use is keeping platelets from sticking.It's also a blood thinner. It does a wonderful job on all conditions, however, as with all drugs it does have some side effects. Some people experience stomach upset, so it's best taken with food or milk . It may or may not subside with continued use. It can cause stomach problems, such as bleeding, especially if you also take aspirin and have an underlying condition such as an ulcer. If you experience tarry black stools this could indicate a possible serious side effect( bleeding of the stomach lining or ulcer) so please contact your health care provider immediately.I would recommend this medication especially if your cholesterol is very high and /or you've recently had a heart attack.

Chicago, IL


A great drug


A few months back I suffered a TIA, which you don't suffer you just talk funny, it lasted about 30 seconds. I have always wondered if you were not talking at the time how would you know if you had one, good question I think. Be that as it may the following week I went to see my doctor regarding this and for advise. She had me put through a series of several test, test results were OK, and prescribed Plavix for me to take once a day. It is very expensive but seems to be doing the expected job, what ever that is. I have been on it for over a year now and to this point I am not troubled by any side effects. Rated very high by this user.

Bernalillo, NM


It haelps blood flow so I have no storke thru stent & aneurysm


This particular product helps me tremendously..not as worryed about blood clots in stent,(brain), & helps by-pass aneurysm! unfortunetly it can cause excessive bleeding if u r cut!! clotting becomes more difficult, but it does work, bruising! Not to sound negative this drugs works for me, it helps more than i know what to share!!

South Berwick, ME


Plavix Clopidogrel

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