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PlatesPlus for Kids

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A wonderful website to order from!


A great selection. order shipped with 1 day! Shipping fees are very fair. PlatesPlus For Kids, Inc. also offers top notch customer service. I should know since I always order by telephone. All products on the website are in stock and my children love to pick out what they want.



Price is right for the items, wrong for the S&H.


At first glance, I was impressed with this site. I have 3 young children who are all into different cartoon characters.. we've got a Disney Princess/Tinkerbell Diva, a Spiderman/G.I. Joe/Transformers All-in-One Superhero, and we've got an Elmo/Barney/Winnie the Pooh Slobberbox. I like a store with variety. For Christmas, I wanted to get my almost 2 year old a new sippy cup.. something with Spiderman on it, since he wants to be just like his big bro. So I came across this site and ended up finding a sippy just right for him and while I was there, I got my other kids tumbler cups of their own. The price of the cups weren't bad, $3.00 a piece, which I can't complain about because of the characters/style of the cup. I checked out and paid $4.95 shipping and handling. Again, not bad. So for my son's upcoming birthday in January, I thought I'd get him a couple Sesame Street sippies from here. I found a set of two Sesame Street cups for $7.95. I'll pay that for good sippies. I checked out and my S&H was $9.95! More than the cost of the items I'm ordering.. whatta rip off! So I start scouting the internet for coupon codes and found the same one over and over.. FREE S&H on orders over $100. Who the heck is going to buy $100 worth of kids' dishes? Not I.So I skipped the Sesame Street cups. I'll find them somewhere else. They must've been running a special price on S&H for the Holidays or something. I was disappointed because I love so much of the stuff on this site and the price for most of it isn't bad at all. It's the shipping and handling charges that ruin this shopping experience. Also, unlike most other shopping websites that I order from, PlatesPlus doesn't e-mail you any special discounts or a $ off coupon for purchasing something from them, registering with them, etc. I rated the website as average because of the large variety of characters and children's items. The cups I ordered were very nice. Good quality, thick tumblers for my pre-schoolers. The designs were extremely cute and look very nice. The sippy cup is great, absolutely no leaking, as long as the plastic leak-proof thing is in there right. But that's another drawback. My toddler can poke his finger into the hole where the leak-proof plastic bit is and it comes loose inside, letting liquid come spilling out when he knocks it over. Cute stuff but just not worth the extra charges.Side note: I would possibly recommend this site to someone who is looking to buy large quanities of the items they sell because I think they're good products but if you're just looking to buy a few.. look elsewhere.

Jacksonville, IL


PlatesPlus for Kids

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