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Plasti-kote Brush On Odds and Ends fast dry enamel

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Excellent enamel for lettering and other fine paint projects


I used this Plasti-kote Brush On Odds 'n' Ends fast dry enamel paint for a parade float this past summer.  The paint boasts that it is safe and easy to use, and leaves no brush strokes when used on wood, glass, metal, paper, raw wood, foam, and other paintable surfaces.  I pretty much painted all of those working on the float.  This paint was an excellent adhering one, that is not only weather durable, but wear durable as well. The small glass jar containing 2 fluid ounces of buttercup yellow was just the stuff for the lettering on the foam core and the cardboard props on the float.  Cleanup was pretty much toss the brush as this stuff is oil based and refused to come out of the cheap-o brush that we were using for the project. I have since used the leftover paint for other lettering projects on a variety of surfaces and each time it has been one coat and done.  No brush strokes left behind.  I recommend this paint for all your crafting needs!

Adrian, MI


Plasti-kote Brush On Odds and Ends fast dry enamel

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