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Plantronics AUDIO 326 Headset

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The plantronics audio headset keeps us in touch while gaming


Overall it's a you get what you pay for unit. The headset itself adjusts nicely for my husband's larger then average head and still fits him comfortably and down my average size head and is still comfortable. The mouth piece is on a rigid extension but it's a good distance from the mouth. The biggest issue is actually the volume adjustment has a mute button that is super easy to hit. I actually wish it didn't even have it it's become such a nuisance. Sound Quality For the most part sound is amazing but it drops in quality every so often and we can't figure out why. The wiring seems to have come loose slightly resulting in uneven sound from time to time as well. However it's still working so we've definitely gotten the value out of it. Ease of Use This one is easy to use (as I said with the mute button maybe too easy). BUT that being said it's a plug and play (I know most things are now) so it's as simple as plug it in and go. HOWEVER it's NOT USB based so you need an adapter if you are moving between computers and don't want to try to plug it into the back of the computer all the time. Durability Decent unit that hasn't snapped and the actually speaker portion hasn't popped off (we have that happen a lot). The sliders are still adjusting very nicely and they get adjust everyday. Design The biggest issue is that mute button. Poorly placed and far too easy to push. The volume control is super nice though and the fact that it adjusts so nicely really balances that out.

Albany, OR


Plantronics AUDIO 326 Headset

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