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Planters - Dry Roasted Cashews

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tastes great!


I love these cashews! They are a great and healthy snack! The size of the container is just right for putting in an office desk drawer for whenever you have the munchies. A definite must-have for snack time!


Port Neches, TX


Crunchy and tasty nuts!


I enjoy eating these cashews (halves and pieces) for a quick snack, but I can't stop!  I wish they were not so good and crunchy because I eat too many in one sitting.  I buy the lightly salted ones, they have 50% less sodium than the salted ones.  There are a lot of calories and fat in their one ounce serving size (which is about 43 pieces according to the package)  I assume they mean halves of cashews and not whole ones.  Anyway, the calories are 170 and 120 of them are from fat!  So you really shouldn't eat too many of these. The lid on the package is recyclable and I suppose parts of the container could also be recycled, but I can't break it down to do so.  The bottom is metal but I can't get it apart from the paper to recycle it.  Kraft needs to address this issue.


Mc Kees Rocks, PA


Cashews done right.


Dry-roasted cashews are back on the market!  My great-uncle always had these at his house in the '60s and '70s...maybe even '80s.  By the time I was shopping for myself, they were hard to find, and then it was a "store brand."  Then, for about the last ten years, I hadn't been able to find them at all, even online. Needless to say, I was *thrilled* to see a print ad for these (and dry-roasted almonds).  They are, without equal, my favorite snacking nut...cashews with that great, dry-roasted seasoning we all know and love from Planters' dry-roasted peanuts.  They're super tasty and not nearly as greasy as the regular kind. PLEASE...buy them so they'll stay on the shelves!  My only plea to Planters...we need a bigger jar!


Davenport, IA


Planters - Dry Roasted Cashews

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