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Plaksmacker ADA-accepted Toothbrushes, dental products

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Cute designs for kids


Everytime my child goes to his doctor or his dentist, they hand out one of these toothbrushes. My son of course always chooses the red one with the monkeys and sings no more monkeys jumping on the bed. They work great and motivate him to brush his teeth. It has the perfect size for my toddlers mouth. He hasn't had a doctors appointment recently so I found myself buying this tooth brush when I went to pick one out. He enjoys the colors and the size. It seems more comfortable for his hand also. He's only 2 1/2 years old so he is still learning to brush his teeth on his own and I felt that this has been the perfect size for him and it has made it easier to teach him. It's very inexpensive. You know if the doctors hand them out then they must be good toothbrushes. I recommend them for ages 1-5. Especially if your training your child to brush their own teeth. But it would probably be too small for over the age of five.



Plaksmacker ADA-accepted Toothbrushes, dental products

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