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Plaid Treasure Gold

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Great For Crafting, Picture Frames And Antiquing


Treasure Gold is sold in a couple of different colors; it can be used on a lot of different surfaces but I have seen the best results when using it on unfinished wood. It is a simple and easy way to add metallic embellishments to frames, craft projects and anything with a texture to it but you may have to use a sealer over it to protect it from wearing off, marring or scratches. The Renaissance shade is bright and lighter than the Classic Treasure Gold; you can use them individually or layered for an aged look. If you like the look of antique frames or want redo older pieces of furniture, the entire series of Treasure Gold is worth checking out. Because the colors can be used individually or layered you can create unique pieces; how you apply it will depend on the amount of texture the item has. For ornate picture frames you can use a piece of cloth and rub it over the design or use a cotton swab for adding lighter or darker sections. If you like to do freehand art you can use brushes to add color in specific areas or in a certain pattern. To do this you need to make sure the bristles of the brush are firm and that you roll the bristles over the product. If you try to use this like a paint you could end up with uneven coverage while you are applying it. For frames or anything that is going to be exposed to sunlight I suggest using a spray-on clear sealer to protect the sheen and shine of it. the package does state that it will not fade or lose color over time but sun exposure could end up lightening the color or reducing the shine.



Plaid Treasure Gold

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