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Dental Floss
Plackers Twin Line Dental Flossers

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Flossing Made Easier


Neither my husband or I enjoy flossing at all with that long stringy stuff, so we decided to try these Plackers Flossers. We have tried several different varieties and have settled on the Plackers Twin Line Flossers. These Dental Flossers do the job fast and effective. They are affordable and can be purchased at many retailers. These Plackers Flossers just make flossing so much easier, than that stringy stuff. I don't know about you but I have a hard time getting back in there with that stuff. These make it so much easier and I don't have to try to fit my hands inside my mouth to do it. Plackers Twin Line Dental Flossers offer 2 lines of their Super Tuffloss, as well as a protected pick on the other end of the stick. It folds away for use or can be broken off and used and discarded. So this flosser offers both the floss line and the pick all in one. That works out great for us because I like using the floss line and hubby uses up the picks. These flossers offer Advanced Whitening Formula to help brighten enamel between your teeth too, thats where the stains start. Did I mention that these flossers are mint flavored so you feel fresh and clean after use. The package comes with 75 flossers. Plackers makes several varieties for all your needs.

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Plackers Twin Line Dental Flossers

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