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Pixi Gel Eyeliner - Onyx

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Can you say AMAZING!


I love this eyeliner.  There will be no way I will go back to pencil.  It goes on very smooth, accurate, and easy on the eyes.  The problem I had with the pencils is that I always had a hard time getting the black on my eyes.  I had to push down really hard and constantly go over the same spot over and over.  This gel had no problem.  With just a small amount of gel, it goes on dark and smooth across my eyes.  I always put this eyeliner on and I have had this small bottle for probably about 7-8 months now and still have half of the bottle left.  The only con that I can think of for this product is that they need to provide a small cover for the tip of the brush when it's not in use.  There is nothing there and the gel that is left on the brush gets on the sides of my bag or cupboard that it's in.  This is an amazing product and there will be no way that I'll go back to pencil.  If you want an easy and smooth eyeliner, this is the product for you!

Clearfield, UT


Great application!


I love to use eyeliner on an everyday basis, and after one of my friends recommended this product to me, I was instantly hooked. This color comes on so dark with only one swipe, unlike other brands which irritate my eyes from so many repeated swipes on. I really adore this eyeliner and think that it works great on anyone. Given that all people have different eyes with different requirements, I think that this liner satisfies the majority of people's complaints about eye liner and for this I sincerely applaud Pixi brand! I especially appreciate that this gel eye liner doesn't bother my sensitive eyes or make them water at all when I put the liner on my lower lids. Although this is one of the more pricey liners that I have come across, it is worth the price in its many benefits! I would one-hundred percent recommend this to anyone looking for a great new gel liner that works extremely well.

New York, NY


Pixi Gel Eyeliner - Onyx

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