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Pittsburgh SpeedHide Interior Latex Paint

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Made painting over a dark color painless.


I painted our great room, which is 600 sq. feet, in Navajo White. It covered a darker color with glaze on top very well. I went with a flat rather than a semi gloss. I had put off the paint job since we moved in because I was dreading painting over the glaze. It was painless with this paint, it covers very well. The room looks so much better now.

Kalispell, MT


Color not true to sample cards


I used this paint in a bedroom, and the color turned out much different than the sample card. I wanted gray, I got blue. It was fairly thick paint, and it covered well. It did not splatter or drip off the roller. It is not quite as good of quality as some other leading paint brands, but it did an above average job of covering the previous paint. I probably would not purchase this paint again. I would opt for a little higher quality paint for color accuracy and separation issues. Quality For the middle of the road pricing, the quality of the paint fit the price. Durability I've only had it on the walls for a week, so I'm not sure what the durability will be. Coverage This paint covered more square feet per gallon than I expected. I used two coats. Ease of Appliation This paint dried evenly. It did need continuous stirring, even in the pan as the color pigments were constantly separating from the paint. That was very annoying and time consuming. I'm not sure if this was the fault of the paint company or the tint the store I purchased it from used.



Not worth the waste of a can.


We purchased our house in 2008 and the builder told us they would use the "highest quality" paints avalible, much to what we know now and learned shortly after it was like the windows installed while built. Totally a waste of money, time and effort. We someday will have to find the cash to repaint all 2400 square foot with the vaulted ceilings. Not only does it hide nothing, but shows every last little figure print. The jackets, toys or anything that even brush the walls or come in contact with it leave marks and strips and black imperfections that we are then forced to try to touch back up. I was actually happy to find the builders had left a can of the same crappy paint with the identical color in the new build next door so we could take it to have the paint company match it as I have to literally go back through once a month and reroller out specific spots that are high traffic. Go for something a lot more decent, heck let the kids color with washable finger paint if need be not only would it be more fun but would probably turn out better in the end. I'm so very dissapointed with the quality of materials used, never again would I use this paint company nor the builder. Shows how little we can trust anyone now days.

Rochester, MI


Pittsburgh Paints SpeedHide really does cover with just one coat


I love to paint but hate to have to "re-do" when a product does not do the job you expected it to do.  Pittsburgh Paints SpeedHide is the best paint I have ever used.  It easily covers with just one coat and is a very fast frying paint.  No unpredictable results with colors.  What you see is what you get.  Dark colors are deep and rich.  Light colors are like whipped topping.  The paint is so thick and creamy that drips and splatters are not a problem.  I painted barnwood paneling in my foyer and the thick paint easily coated all of the groves and holes.  I painted with both a roller and a paintbrush.  I could not tell the difference in the texture of the paint.  There were no brushmarks.  I am a bit of a perfectionist. I like to do things just one time and have them done right.  I painted a bedroom with a previously favorite brand of paint.  It was supposed to be a one coat paint.  The walls were splotchy and I was very disappointed.  I covered it with Pittsburgh Paints SpeedHide and it has remained beautiful for 5 years.  Pittsburgh Paints SpeedHide really amazed me.  It delivered far more than I expected.  An excellent product for both beginners and professionals.  I would highly recommend Pittsburgh Paints SpeedHide.   

Tell City, IN


Pittsburgh SpeedHide Interior Latex Paint

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