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Pioneer SE-MJ21-K Headphones

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Pioneer DJ Headphones


This review is for Model HDJ-1500-S. All I can say is one awesome set of headphones. I am budget conscious and an avid listener and I must say these headphones are a great investment.These headphones are more crisp, clearer and bass sound surpasses Beats by Dr Dre. They provide a very comfortable fit and are somewhat stylish. One of their best assets is that it has a long cable allowing for free movement while using. These headphones are not noise cancelling but there is no leakage of sound which easily compensates for that fact. For their price range, this is a good and wise investment! Go to the big box music store and try these out to see for yourself that this review is not jus idle praises.

Chicago, IL


Pioneer Headphones - good for listening, not for exercising


These obviously have a much fuller, richer sound than the cheap ear clips and ear buds that I use for my iPod. They are adjustable,, but are too big for my head even at their smallest size, so I can't use them while running. They don't block external noise, and don't have a volume control on the wires so I have to adjust the volume on my iPod. These are great for quiet listening, not for listening while running or exercising.

North Tonawanda, NY


Pioneer SE-MJ21-K Headphones

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