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Pinnacle Classic Vodka

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Incredible variety


This brand of vodka can meet just about all of your needs. Very standard in alcohol content, these vodkas are perfect for shots or cocktails you wish to make. The best things about Pinnacle other than its cost is the enormous selection of flavors available!



Love the cherry flavor


Love this vodka, we tried the cherry flavor. We used it in a cherry bomb which is mixed with redbull. We used it for shots and as a mixer with sprite and juice. We enjoyed this vodka and even gave a few bottles as gifts.

Milford, OH


This brand has the best assortment of flavored vodkas


If I'm going to drink, I don't typically shop the bottom shelf. However, until my favorite brands hop on the whipped cream vodka bandwagon I will continue to purchase Pinnacle. Whipped cream being my favorite flavor right now, I have the most to say about it. My bartender introduced me to the "Root beer Float" a while back and I have been hooked ever since. Pepsi, whipped cream Pinnacle, root beer schnapps and and a dash of half and half, complete this amazing drink. You can also use fresh orange juice half and half and about 2 oz of vodka for a creamcicle. The possibilities are endless and the liquor is so smooth it only enhances the other flavors, not takes them over. I usually stay away from vodka as well because of the vague nail polish remover effect, not so with this brand/flavor combination. Many of my friends are also not big into vodka, yet these drinks are always the first request and the first to "sell-out" at any party. 

Salt Lake City, UT


Pinnacle Classic Vodka

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