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Pine-Sol Outdoor Fresh Scent

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Cleans well!


Having used Pine-sol Cleaning products in the past, I tried this new scent few months back. I have been using Pine-sol Original for three years now, and I bought a small bottle (828 ml) of Pine-sol Outdoor fresh scent for a change. It claimed that it has 4 times cleaning action, thus it cleans powerfully and yes it does clean beautifully as well as the Original one does. In addition to cleaning and deodorizing my wooden floor, I used it to clean the toilet bowl, the bathtub, the bathroom floor and the kitchen floor as well. This product works really well in all the areas. It does an excellent job in cleaning the grouts on the floors and well as wall tiles. Just like original Pine-sol, it also has a very strong smell, especially if used in full strength. You might would feel the need to rinse the floor off with plain water to get over it's overwhelming smell. It is a good product, but I might would continue to stick with Pine-sol Original!



Pine-Sol Outdoor Fresh Scent Cleans But Has A Strong Smell


Pine-Sol Outdoor Fresh Scent will clean your floors, sinks, cabinets, shower stalls, and walls in an average way. It does a fair job on cleaning tubs and toilets. It will disinfect and remove stains on items you want clean. It will get rid of grime and grease on things that are tough to clean and leave them smelling fresh. The scent is strong and a bit overwhelming. It deodorizes as it cleans. I was really happy to find out that it will work on wood too. It has to be finished wood though. You can use it in the closets and in your laundry room as well. It will clean multi-surfaces, so you will not have to go out and buy a lot of different products. You can use this in the garage and out-door spaces. You can also use this on no-wax floors, rubber, and asphalt tile, but it must be diluted and rinsed. The strong scent will last and last for hours. If you use this stuff in a bathroom, and you have visitors, they will think you hired a professional cleaning service. You can use a mop, sponge, brushes or paper towels to get the job done efficiently. It will not leave streaks, unless you use too much. If you use it correctly the things you clean will shine. It contains pine oil. It comes in a large container with big writing. It is going to last you a very long time. The cost of this is a little high, but on sale, it is a good deal.

Stockton, CA


Pine Sol Outdoor Fresh Cleans and Deodorizes.


Pine Sol has been freshening homes and eliminating stains for a long time and most everyone has used the original scent liquid product at least once. It is certainly a distinctive scent, but Pine Sol knows variety is important and hence it has branched out into new aromas, one of which is Pine Sol Outdoor Fresh Scent. Cleaner Facts and Commentary: Pine Sol Outdoor Fresh Scent is variation on the popular Pine Sol original brand. It has a scent that is interesting- like a combination of floral and musk- and very enticing. The scent is quite strong, just like that of regular Pine Sol, so you need to be careful how much you use. Pine Sol Outdoor Fresh Scent is a multi- use cleaner that can be used on floors, bathrooms, walls, wooden shelves, plastics, and other surfaces. It is prepared by adding a small amount to water and then using a mop or sponge to apply. Tougher cleaning jobs may require a little more cleaner and a little less water, but it still doesn't take much and a single bottle will last a long time. Pine Sol Outdoor Fresh Scent is also good for cutting grease and this makes it a good option to use in the kitchen, to clean the stove or other areas where grease accumulates. About the only thing you need to worry about is excessive usage. Pile on too much, and the smell can be overwhelming- even causing some people to start sneezing. Use in moderation and the cleaning and scent will both be just right. Bottom Line Viewpoint: Pine Sol Outdoor Fresh Scent is a very good cleaner for multiple surfaces around your home. It doesn't contain harsh chemicals and is safe for many surfaces. The scent is nice, even though it can be overwhelming to the senses if you use too much. It is still a very good product and certainly deserving of the Pine Sol label. Performance It cleans and cuts grease Scent The scent is excellent, as long as you don't overuse.

Houston, TX


Tough Enough To Get The Job Done


Pine-Sol recently came out with a new scent called Outdoor Fresh. The color of the liquid in the bottle is a blue-green color and I bought this in a 28 ounce size to give it a try. Pine-Sol works well so I knew it would have a powerful scent which it most certainly does. Added to water this powerful multi-surface cleaner can handle your tough jobs whether it may be in your kitchen, bathroom, livingroom, garbage cans, diaper pails, floors and walls, sinks, bookshelves or similiar items. Strong and powerful smell lingers throughout the home when used for your cleaning needs. I love to use this on my woodwork around the home including but not limited to my kitchen cabinets, paneling, and sinks. This has a flip up top for easy access and the bottle is made of plastic so it will not break if you have wet hands and it slips. The Pine-Sol will work hard for you cleaning grease and grime where it may be and deodorizes in the process. This can also be used on your stove hood and exhaust fan to keep that grease down. Using about a 1/4 cup for a gallon of water, you usually don't need to rinse, unless you are using it full strength. This product is safe to use on wood. ** Contains No Phosphorus.** Manufactured for the Clorox Company in Oakland, California. USA.

Boondocks the heart of Northern , NY


Pine-Sol Outdoor Fresh Scent

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