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Pillsbury Strawberry Cake Mix

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Strawberry overload


I am quite the fan of Pillsbury and their cake mixes - as well as their other products. This Pillsbury Strawberry Cake mix however, was quite an interesting experience though. The cake mix in general was very uncomplicated. Calling for only eggs, water and oil. It turned out really well too. It was very evenly baked and nicely golden on the top. The cake had these strawberry specs in it. They appeared randomly throughout the cake. They tasted a bit more intense than the rest of the cake. The strawberry flavor of the cake is mild but I somehow found it to be overwhelming. The cake had a combination of strawberry and oil after taste so, I found myself a bit disappointed about the overall experience. I would suggest that you make this cake in alternating layers of white or yellow cake then strawberry. This will reduce or lighten some of the strawberry taste and texture and balance it out well. Overall, the cake was good but not great. The price of the cake was very reasonable and the cake was very moist as well. It is just too much strawberry for me.



Great cake!


Pillsbury Strawberry cake mix is really good. It's easy to make and tastes like you spent hours in the kitchen. It has a nice and sweet strawberry taste. They sell strawberry frosting but I like to make my own cream cheese frosting to pair with this delicate treat! If you don't want to make a regular cake, you can make a 'poke' cake. Just make the cake as directed but pour into a rectangular pan. After baking, use a knife to poke holes in the cake and then boil one cup of water and add to 1 packet of strawberry jello. Pour this mixture into the holes. Then, frost-I use one cup of milk, one pack of any flavor pudding-I use vanilla, and combine this into a bowl with 1 tub of whipped topping. Frost cake and chill. Enjoy the goodness!



Falls apart after baking


This is the only cake me I have ever had to fall apart on me after baking.  Not only once did this happen, but four time.  I use many different cake mixes, along with Pillsbury, but this is the only one that I have ever had this problem with.  And the only flavor that does this.  I really love the taste of this mix, but any time I make it, I have to make cupcakes, because if I make a cake, it just turns out to be a big crumbly mess.  

Williamsburg, KY


Pillsbury strawberry cake is rich and flavorfull.


I love this cake and so does my fellow co-workers. The cake has pieces of strawberry that give the cake that extra strawberry taste that other brands do not. The cake is easy to make and also does great as cup cakes without having to change up the recipie. The pillsbury icing is also great as well. It's a fun colorful cake that tastes so good. The cake always comes out moist when I make it and I love to sometimes add fresh chopped strawberries to the batter as well.

Richmond, VA


Pillsbury strawberry cake mix lives up to high expectations.


I have used Pillsbury Cake Mixes for many years.  Most often chocolate and white cake mixes.  When my sister asked for a strawberry cake for her birthday I was not sure that I could find a strawberry cake mix as I had never looked for one.  I was very pleased to see a Pillsbury Cake Mix in strawberry.  As all Pillsbury products do, the cake was very good.  It had a high amount of strawberry flavor.  I would recommend this product to anyone.

Springfield, OH


Gracias! Pillsbury, you make a great mix.


Pillsbury cake mix, is not one of my favorite brands, but one day I tried the strawberry flavored mix.  The mix was one of the best, I have tried others and they are good as well but Pillsbury did a great job on the strawberry mix.  I do not prefer many of Pillsburys brand mixes, it is just something about their other flavors, I am not knocking it but they are not as rich and moist as some others.  I even thought about doing a cake contest between Pillsbury and another unnamed brand to see which my family prefers.  I enjoy cooking and getting new receipes from others....  Please send your comments to me about Pillsbury mix and receipes for strawberry flavored cakes, is there some kind of flavoring or ingredient that I can use to make mine homemade.  I will write about my results of the two cakes at a later date.

Memphis, TN


Pillsbury Strawberry Cake Mix

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