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Pillsbury Refrigerated Pizza Crust

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It's weird, sometimes it's delicious and others it's burnt


It's weird sometimes this turns out amazing, smells delicious and tastes as good as a fresh pizza, but then others (3 out of 5 times) the crust burns during the pre bake and the entire thing gets thrown out :(

Milton, ON

it's just a lage biscuit.


Pillsbury has become a steady disappointment. Cheapening the product to increase the bottom line.



An okay pizza crust


I love making homemade pizza, but it does take up a lot of time. Homemade pizza or other pizzas definitely top this one. Saying that every now and then I just want something I can grab and make fast. I thought that I would give this Pillsbury pizza crust a go. It was just okay. It baked pretty easily, but the taste was a little different. It does bake pretty fast though and is an easy go to if you are in a hurry or just want it for convenience to have on hand. I definitely wouldn't say it was my favorite. It's not bad to have in a hurry though. My family still ate it up. Pizza is pizza :). I probably won't be buying this again anytime soon. I have found other pizza crusts that you can buy out there that taste much better and have a much better texture to the crust. This one is just okay. There wasn't much to it for me. I expected a cheaper taste, but it was a little to cheap tasting. I probably wouldn't recommend this to friends and family.



Pizza crust is handy!!


I am one of those almost always from scratch cooks. I Iike to make my own dough for pizzas from scratch. Many years ago, an Italian friend of mine taught me to make the best pizza, including the dough. It is less convenient to do it this way, but healthier and better for my family. Several months ago, I came across this refrigerated pizza crust and decided to try it out. It is a little sweet for my taste and tastes nothing like homemade, but it is good for occasional use. As long as I cut my own vegetables, and make the sauce from scratch, I can rationalize cutting a corner once in awhile. It is a good product and I will try to keep in in the refrigerator. I also like the fact that Pillsbury puts out coupons for this. Any amount of money that I can save is definitely a perk. I recommend this pizza crust.

SmallTown, TX


Too sweet, bad texture


This dough is sweet and crunchy, not at all what I look for in a nice pizza crust. The high sugar content causes it to bake and burn quickly. I tried baking it the standard way - add toppings and bake - but the crust was burned on the edges before it was cooked through in the middle. Another time I tried pre-baking the crust, but after 8 minutes (as recommended), the crust was very browned and starting to burn on the edges, and that was before I'd added any toppings! I had to broil the top of the pizza to get the toppings to cook, and the edges of the crust were burned again. Scratch pizza dough is easy, cheap and healthier. In the future, I'll take the time to make my own.

Boise, ID


My husband hasn't asked for Pizza Hut in WEEKS!


My husband and his family are HUGE pizza people.  Friday night IS pizza night, if we don't have some form of pizza on Fridays it just isn't Friday for them.  Being from the Chicago area they love think crust pizza and have transferred this love to me too!  I tried TONS of pizza crust recipes from lots of different websites and blogs but nothing tasted right to us so we always ended up scratching the homemade pizzas and calling Pizza Hut (the local option since we live in a rural area.)  When I finally decided to try some of the pre-made refrigerated pizza dough we were so skeptical and didn't think it would end any better than my homemade recipes did.  We were both surprised that we actually ENJOYED the pizza!  With one bite, my husband emphatically declared that we did NOT need to order Pizza Hut and begged me that I go buy more of the Pillsbury Pizza Crust immediately.  He is now trying to make Pizza Friday into Pizza EVERYday!

Salem, IL


Pillsbury Refrigerated Pizza Crust

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