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Pillsbury Italian Breadsticks

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I was so disappointed when I bought these! I am a huge fan of breadsticks but I found these to be absolutely disgusting. The texture of them was the only good thing. However, they had way too much seasoning on them. They were so salty and full of so many random spices that they weren't even edible! I didn't serve them with dinner and just tossed them in the garbage. They were a waste of money and I was pretty upset that they turned out so badly.



Just like those - whaddaya call 'em? - chefs make


Looking forward to throwing together a nice pasta & turkey meatball dinner during the week, we decided to that rather than our usual biscuits we'd try out Pillsbury's Italian Breadsticks - you know, just like in the best Italian restaurants. The handy little box comes complete with dough, and (in this case) Parmesan spread. We got the Parmesan with garlic flavor, but they also come in Garlic & Herb, and maybe other flavors. Hey, we weren't paying that close attention. If we wanted to put that much effort into it, we would have made them from scratch. The dough is standard issue for Pillsbury, a cylinder of dough in a cardboard tube with aluminum ends. The instructions say to peel off the outer paper (starting "here") to expose the seam winding around the tube, at which point the tube should pop open (opah!), freeing the dough. Hmmm. But what if you follow directions and the thing doesn't pop open? Recalling how Pillsbury used to have consumers slapping the tubes against counters to open them (until, no doubt, a series of personal injury lawsuits closed off that option), I cautiously banged the package on the counter. She no open. After applying scissors, knives, and other implements, I finally got the darn thing to split open. We're not the only ones who have trouble with the Pillsbury Doughboy not wanting to come out and play. The packaging used to pop open with an alarming bang if you held it wrong, but now it takes endless peeling and chiseling before they open, and then you might need to get the dough loose without mashing it, or else the dough explodes in all directions. Next instruction: roll out dough. Unfortunately, the dough is too mushy by this time to easily unroll. We end up cutting into it to get it started enough to peel open. After putting it on a cookie sheet and applying the garlic/parmesan spread, we dumped a bunch of extra grated cheese on top. After all, we are true and original kitchen geniuses. 10 to 14 minutes later, the bread was cooked and the cheese melted. Yum! The only problem we had then is that the dough is slit so that the breadsticks can be easily pulled apart after baking, but our layer of cheese isn't. No matter for us - we just pulled off random hunks to eat - but you may want to think twice before serving this at your next fancy dinner party.

Chicago, IL


A great quick easy bread side - perfect with Italian dishes


Pillsbury Italian Breadsticks are a quick, easy way to have a nice bread side with my Italian dishes.  Great along side a simple spaghetti weeknight dinner!  Only complaint is they are a little hard to get to stay on the cookie sheet.  Especially if you spray with non-stick spray.  But they cook up nice and fluffy and light.

South Bend, IN


Fresh From the Freezer


These are the perfect compliment to any Italian meal and they bake up fast and fresh.  Each breadstick is crispy and crunchy on the outside and chewy and light on the inside.  Each canister is easy to prepare and make.  Just pull the dough, twist and bake.  I love the original variety, but they are also made with garlic or parmesan for an extra spice.  Each breadstick is low in fat and one serving of two breadsticks is just 170 calories.  These breadsticks bake up warm and fresh and have a great dough aroma.  They are perfect for dipping in marinara sauce and great just on their own.

Las Vegas, NV


Pillsbury Italian Breadsticks

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