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Crescent Rolls
Pillsbury Crescent Creations

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Pillsbury Crescent Creations roll out your creativity!


I love this product!  We all know and remember the Pillsbury Crescent Rolls and the Dough Boy that giggles a lot and helps make dinner fun!  Well he doesn't come and help me! So I need to find easy, creative and edible treats and meals that make me the hero at the dinner table.  I have spent years pinching and patching the perferated dough on the original crescent rolls to make some of my favorite recipes.  I was thrilled when I found the Pillsbury Crescent Creations in my local grocery store's  refrigerated section!  The dough comes right out of the can ( after you get to let out a little frustration from the day with a tap on the corner of the counter) and rolls right out into one yummy Crescent Creations canvas.  One of my favorite recipes that I am requested to bring to family gatherings and office parties is Fruit Pizza.  Usually this calls for a crust using a sugar cookie dough, but I found that too sweet and sugarie so I replaced the cookie with a crescent crust with cream cheese frosting and sprinkled with cut up fresh fruit (strawberries, kiwi, green and purple grapes, bananas etc.).  I cut the crust after I frost and before I add the fruit. This can be made into a veggie pizza, a cold cut and cheese pizza or even a taco appetizer.  Anywhere that requires a crust or bread I try to incorporate Pillsbury Crescent Creations.  I highly suggest trying some of your favorite recipes and use Pillsbury Crescent Creations, you will probably find your own little gigglers at your dinner table!

Waterford, WI


Crescent roll dough without the perforations saves baking time.


I have always used Pillsbury Crescent rolls in my personal baking quite often. My family enjoys vegetable pizzas, cream cheese cakes, and pot pies, all made with crescent rolls as a base. For years, this required that I seal the perforations in the regular rolls in order to form rectangles that would hold the filling. This was time consuming and didn't always work which meant that some of the filling would leak from the crust. Recently, Pillsbury came out with a new product. Found in the same refridgerated section as the original crescent rolls, Pillsbury Crescent Creations come as one long rectangle without perforations. One just rolls it out of the can, and it's ready to be used. The product is similarly priced as the other Pillsbury products, but it prevent the frustration of working with perforated dough in some recipes. This product has been needed for quite some time.

Somerville, AL


Pillsbury Crescent Creations

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