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Physique Physique Clean and Fresh Shampoo

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Physique Shampoo Not Recommended


While Physique Clean and Fresh shampoo probably gets our hair clean, I would not recommend the product. The shampoo seems watery and has an odd texture. It does suds up okay in the shower, and it does have a pleasant clean smell that I enjoy in my girls' hair, but it does not add anything to my hair: moisture, volume, etc. We bought this producat and its corresponding conditioner (which I also do not recommend) at a home buidling store because it was free after rebate, so I maybe shouldn't complain about a free product! However, I've also learned that I maybe shouldn't buy hair care prodcucts at the same place we buy sheetrock and paint! We'll continue to use it until it is gone but probably will not purchase again.

Hills, MN


Physique Physique Clean and Fresh Shampoo

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