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Physicians Formula
Physicians Formula Organic wear 100% Natural Origin Matte Finishing & Bronzing Veil - All Shades

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Physicians Formala Finisher works okay


This was one of the first natural make up items that I bought for myself. I ordered it on Ebay for a pretty good deal and that is why I decided to give it a try. Shortly after I received this I bought another brand of a very similar natural product and I have found that one works a lot better than this one does. This powder, as I simpy call it, is very convenient to use as you just need to brush it around on your face, but I have found that sometimes you need to brush it roughly across your hand to get it going before using it. This powder does provide somewhat of a matte effect, but does not really stop my face from appearing oily. Despite that fact I still use it on occasion. I use this either by itself or with a foundation underneath and it works better than nothing, but not as well as I had hoped that it would. I don't really recommend that you go out and buy this, unless you can get a really good deal on it or something.

Rib Lake, WI


This Physicians Formula Bronzing Veil is great on skin


I have rosacea, so I tried to find a makeup bronzer that was non-irritating to my skin, and would also hid the redness. When I tried Physician's Formula 100% Natrual Origin Matt Finishing and Bronzing Veil, I was totally satisfied. It actually felt great on my skin. It didn't cake and went on smoothly. I was amazed at how easily it blended the redness of my rosacea right in with the rest of my skin tones. My faced looked almost normal. I notice that it tends to stay on the entire day and still look as great as when I put it on. I used it when getting photographed and my face appeared clear and natural in the photos. I did have some trouble using the brush the way I was supposed to, so I simply unscrewed it from the top and used it as a normal brush with no problems. The makeup itself is totally awesome. The self supplying brush doesn't seem to work for me as intended, however it was still 100% worth buying.

Novinger, MO


Good product but bad packaging


I thought the Physician's Formula powder with the brush at the end was the coolest idea in the world - saves the step of finding a brush, tapping off the excess powder, worrying about uneven coverage, etc...all things that hugely appeal to me as a full-time worker and mom short on time. Unfortunately, it NEVER worked for me! Yes, I was smart enough to take the tape/seal off the inside, but the powder never really came out into the brush. I shook and shook, and finally after several weeks of trying, I noticed some powder in the brush but it was in clumps at the bottom and still never made it onto my face. I ended up every day unscrewing the brush and just using it like other loose powder. I will say that I liked the powder itself and I am a huge fan of Physician's Formula cosmetics in general because they don't make my sensitive skin break out and I love the packaging, but now I am sticking to the old fashioned powder packaging. I guess some things are better the old fashioned way!

Tucson, AZ


Physician's Formula Self Contained Brush Mineral Powder


Physician's formula mineral powder comes in the convenience of a brush with the actual hypo allergenic mineral powder packed into the handle of the brush that automatically comes down into the brush when you tap it!  Its gentle, won't ever break your skin out, looks so natural you look like you aren't wearing anything other than your actual skin.  This formula absorbs right into your wrinkle creases and actually sort of acts as a filler.  It has a luminescene to it from the natual ground up minerals it is made from, but it dosen't make you shiny.  Its actually very matte.  You get a natural glow that brings the warmth on your skin to the surface making you look a tad younger and more cheeky.  I highly recommend Physican's formula mineral powder to anyone who has acne issues, because this product lets your pores breathe.  It dosen't plug them, it merely sits on the surface covering ugly blackheads and huge pores until you are ready to wash it off with a gentle soap and some warm water!

Rochester, NH


Physicians Formula Organic wear 100% Natural Origin Matte Finishing & Bronzing Veil - All Shades

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