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Physicians Formula
Physicians Formula Organic wear 100% Natural Origin Face Sculpting Trio - All Shades

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used this since highschool..


I started using this entire OrganicWear line in high school and I loved it. The powder doesn't look candy and the finished result looks natural. I loved this product, but I can't seem to find it anywhere anymore. I loved the coverage and I didn't have to wear a ton of it to cover up any imperfections. It is perfect for young girls who are learning to use makeup and it's pretty affordable for anyone who wants quality makeup on a budget. I refused to use anything else until I couldn't find it in my local retail stores. It lasts a few months, even if you use makeup everyday. The packaging is the only problem I had with it. I understand that it's "organic" and the packaging reflects the eco-friendly vibe, but after a month or two of opening and closing the compact and the beating it may receive in a purse or makeup bag it begins to show a lot of wear. Every compact I purchased ended up falling apart, the recycled paper is cute at first, and relatively sturdy but eventually the cover separates, leaving the powder or mirror exposed which could be messy or dangerous depending on which comes off first. I love this makeup but the packaging might make a person regret buying the product.



Excellant Product


This is a really great product. I love the whole line of face powders by Physicians Formula.  I have never broken out and it is really good to my skin which is very sensitive.  I always get full coverage and the colors are true to the color you see.  It doesnt get blotchy and to refresh it in the afternoon doesnt make a mess.  I would recommed this product.

Mount Clemens, MI


Organic, Dosen't Clog Pores, but not for full coverage.


Ok, so I have used Physician's Formula for many years, but I prefer to use Almay, the kind that blends into the skin.  When my skin is broken out, I choose Physician's Formula.  Well, anyway, this compact came in a green bag with four different contouring brushes in it.  It was on sale for half off and was under ten bucks!  How can you go wrong with that so I figured I would venture on the wildside and try it.  It has three distinct layers all seperated within the compact.  There is a highlighter, a face powder, and a bronzer.  Its very light coverage, so if you are looking for something heavier, which I am at times, its not for you.  The bronzer isn't too dark, which I like.  This stuff is very multipurpose.  You can use the bronzer as a blush as I generally do.  The compact itslef is made from what appears to be recycled paper or cardboard.  Its double sided with a mirror on the reverse side of the powders.  In my case, where I got it so cheap, it was a pretty good deal, but I'm going to stick with what I know best.  If you need light coverage, this is a good powder that won't break you out.  Its got a sparkle too it as well and I prefer matte.

Rochester, NH


Physicians Formula Organic Wear Face Sculpting Trio is Fantastic


Let's face it none of us are perfect. If we were we wouldn't need the the thousands of makeup companies and their products to exist. I like to wear makeup and look as perfect as possible without wearing a lot. I am also very into the green and organic movements, so I wanted something without all the chemicals. I tried this on a whim and a good sale and I was pleasantly surprised. This is not your average makeup. If you have not tried a powder like this it does take some getting used to. It is not as thick as other makeups so you will see some of your skin through it such as freckles or dark spots. I paired this with a little concealer and the tinted lotion which has SPF. What is really great about this product besides it being natural is that it is light weight. You also get to try three of the products at once so you know if you want to get them together again or separate. I liked used the bronzer instead of blush in the winter on cheeks and on my nose. It brightens you up a little and takes away some of that winter blah. The one thing I didn't like was that once you got down on the product the brush was as easy to use, so I had to use an alternative brush. I would recommend this product if you are trying to go a bit more natural in terms of ingredients and are looking for a good quality product.

New Sharon, ME


EVERYTHING about it is outstanding, color, quality, versatility!


I was pleasantly surprised with this product. Just swirl light handedly around the entire palette to create a natural glowing color. Add more of the color if you prefer a bit darker, or just concentrate in the highlight palette area for a bit more shimmer. If you want it to simply match foundation, that is possible too! Brace yourself for the best part, it was comfortable to wear. I have sensitive skin and it was not the least bit irritating. That would have been enough for me but this product continued to give! With ONE application my skin did not have oily shine, nor did it dry it out like a desert for the entire day. With all sincerity I did not think a powder product could do all that. Oh, and it is environmental friendly, animal free testing, recycled packaging agents...Is there anything left to say or want? I had been trying for months to replace a discontinued powder from a different cosmetic company. Too bad for them... and THANK YOU TO PHYSICIANS FORMULA :)

Munster, IN


Powder Bath


I went to switch from the other organic stuff that I used and didn't like and decided to try this, don't bother with this either, the first swipe of the brush on the pallat, it got all over me, I think I got more on my hands and my car (I was trying it out in my car) than I did on my face.  I didn't even want to finish it was so frustrating, another bad one, I normally like Physicians Formula, but the organic powder line is not winning me over. Oh and I forgot to say that the brush is too big to cover the little area for the trio.  You use the brush for one part of the pallat, then for the other and so on.  There's no way to get one color on the brush without getting the others on it and without making a mess.

Ocean Gate, NJ


Physicians Formula Organic wear 100% Natural Origin Face Sculpting Trio - All Shades

3.7 6