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Physicians Formula
Physicians Formula Organic wear 100% Natural Liquid Foundation SPF 15

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Works great with sensitive skin.


I have rosacea and very sensitive skin. This foundation provides great coverage without aggravating my skin. It doesn't feel oily or cake in fine lines. Coverage lasts all day too. I would highly recommend this foundation for anyone looking for an affordable, organic option for sensitive skin.



Physician's Formula foundation works great!


Physician's Formula organic foundation is not only great because it's organic and probably much better for you, but it also works great! It gives me just enough coverage without feeling like I've got caked on makeup all over my face. You can just use your fingers to blend it with no problem. It also comes in a handy pump tube that makes it easier to get the makeup out of the package. It can be hard for me to find a makeup that is light enough for my very fair skin, but this one comes light enough, and blends in very well while leaving no makeup lines behind. I also have been getting horrible postpartum acne, and this gives enough coverage to do a fairly good job of covering that. You can layer the makeup a bit too to achieve a little bit thicker coverage. The only thing I don't like about this makeup, is that after applying it, my fingers feel rather chalky. I think this would be the case with most make up though. Works great!

Tacoma, WA


Great product with only a few minor flaws


I have tried a lot of foundations and this is definitely one I would go back to. Many stores in my area offer Physcian's Formula products but for some reason this particular foundation is almost impossible to find. I have only been able to get a hold of two bottles. I like the coverage and it isn't too thick so it can be easily applied. Also, it is very easy to get the foundation out of the tube so you can use almost the entirety of the bottle without wasting the product. However, I am not a huge fan of the smell. It smells very natural which is great considering that it is an organic product, but I prefer the scent of other products. It covers pretty well, but a few inperfections on my skin still show through when I use it. I do appreciate this because it is a more natural product, organic and doesn't use animal testing. It is pricey, but it is worth paying the price for the many pros. Only the smell and the availability make this product questionable. Defintiely worth a try at least!!!

Rochester, MN


My favorite liquid foundation, and I have tried MANY!


I was on the hunt again for a good conscientious foundation.  I decided to try Physician's Formula 100% Natural Origin Liquid Foundation...on the front it says Organic Wear.  The tube is also recyled.  I love this product!  It has a tea tree oil in it which helps blemishes and tone out your skin tone.  It goes on easily, has a pump and blends nicely.  It takes away the red splotches and evens out my skin tone without me feeling like I am wearing a ton of makeup.  I love it! I cover it with a light dusting of powder and voila!  It gives a great complexion and I recommend you try it!  Even better it has all natural ingredients, and no animal testing.    

Manchester, CT


Physicians Formula Organic wear 100% Natural Liquid Foundation SPF 15

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