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Physicians Formula
Physicians Formula Organic Wear Translucent Powder Fair

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Great Natural Foundation for Sensitive Skin


Love this product! Long lasting, light, and gives skin a great, clean, and fresh look! Works well for my oily, sensitive skin. Also, color blends well with my very fair skin. What's not to love about this product. :)

Chattanooga, TN




I'm actually a fan of Phyicians Formula products, but this powder was a real let down. I purchased the **PYHSICIANS FORMULA ORGANIC WEAR TRANSLUCENT POWDER** in fair last month and I was really not sure what I was going to get in terms of effectiveness of the product so I when I first used it I was pretty disappointed. I really can't even say how effective the product may have been if I applied more of it all over my face but what really got me was the foul smell. I had to do a double take once I started applying the powder because it smelled so bad. I just have to let everyone know that I am very sensitive to smell but honestly, even if the product is organic it should not smell like that. I also don't use the application brush that comes with any Phyisicians Formula products because they just don't work well. I used my own brush to apply the powder first on my forehead and then proceeded to move down my face towards my nose and then I had to stop. The smell really is awful and I had to even was my brush because it had a lingering smell. Overall, I would not recommend this powder to those with a sensitive nose because you will really dislike the smell.

Monrovia, CA


Physicians Formula Ogranic Wear Translucent Powder Fair :D :D :D


Not only does this powder look nice, it IS nice. I love the little compact it is in, perfect for storage in your cabinet, shelf or even in your purse or glove box. It is an expensive product but is definitely worth the money! I would reccommend this ot anyone. And it's good for your skin, and for the earth and everyone around us too. I love the feeling of it on your skin, it feels great. It is soft and smooth and blends amazingly! It basically blends for itself. It's wonderful! The colors look nice on your skin aas well. Even though there are two colors in one pallette, they blend into each other before it even touche syour skin. And the cute leaf stays in the pallette until it's all gone. The colors are wonderful, and cover a lot of different shades of skin. This isn't oily and doesn't clog pores- also it's good for dry skin, and my sister who has oily skin [not like me- MIss Dry Right here!] she loves it as well. it's great to teenager and for older women too. It's amazing, love it and will definitely be splurging to get more!!!

Manitowoc, WI


Amazing feel, okay price for Physicians formula organic wear!


First of all, it's an amazing feel, it's barely there, and the brush allows a more natural application. The price isn't bad, especially when they're on sale, which they seem to be often. However, it stinks, I'm not too keen on the smell of these items, it's not very pleasant and hence they didn't get five stars, I realize that it's organic, but I'd prefer the smell of some flowers crushed into it rather than the smelly stuff they use. It's great for your skin, does not irritate mine and I have very sensitive skin. It's very smoothing and I am the fairest of the fair skin colour, and it blends in very nicely without creating those hideous chin/ear lines like other "fair" make-ups do. It's better than liquid because it doesn't seep into the pores, but rather sits on top of them, doesn't irritate. Personally, I think it's way better for you, the earth, and they last a LONG time quantity wise, it takes me several months to use up powder.

Fort Smith, AR


Best makeup I've ever used


Before I started using Physicians Formula, I used cake-like liquid makeup, and when my face still looked red and irritated, I put pressed powder on top of the liquid. But once I found Physicians Formula everything changed for me. I suffer from severe acne and Physicians Formula is the only makeup that I have found that completely covers my imperfections and doesn't make my skin feel like I am wearing a mask. It is light, airy, and really compliments my skin tones. Physicians Formula is a little on the expensive side when it comes to pressed powder but it is totally and completely worth every penny. I will not go anywhere without my Physicians Formula. It is light weight and it does not rub off or smudge from your face. It is long lasting and does not make you look orange or cakey. My confidence has improved greatly since starting to use this product. I know that when I put my makeup on I am going to look clear skinned and radiant all day and all night. I highly recommend this product.

Canton, MI


Physicians formula organic wear powder is great


I liek the physicians formula organic wear line. This line is advertised as being 100 percent natural origin makeup. Free of harsh chemicals. parabens and preservatives. Sometimes we take for granted that we may be putting hasrsh chemicals on our faces! We are just sold pretty products that will make us look better, but there are some makeup products that are not good for your skin. This Organic Wear line, is a refreshing line, that actually helps your skin feel and look better, What a nice concept. THis is a review for the physicians formula organic wear translucent powder in fair. I would have gotten a darker color, but this is all that was available at the store, so i decided to give it a try since it is translucnet. It was ok, but I would repurchase in a darker color. This provides a good clean, translucent, non heavy coverage, I quite like it. I would recommend it to anyone that wants to control shine.

Colton, CA


Physicians Formula Organic Wear Translucent Powder Fair

4.0 6