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Physicians Formula
Physicians Formula Organic Wear 100% Natural Blush, Blushing Organics, 0.19-Ounces (Pack of 2) (Physicians Formula)

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I like this natural blush product.


The Physican's Formula Organic Wear 100% Natural Blush Blushing organics product is a product that initially caught my eye in the store because it is an organic product. As I intend to switch my family to most all organic and earth friendly products, I am always interested in trying new organic products, especially those that are directly involved with your skin. In trying this product, I found that I really really liked it. The make up is a light product that does not feel heavy on your skin, and I found that after application, I never noticed it during my normal routine. I like this product because despite the fact that it is light it provides a lot of color and coverage while still allowing you to look natural and fresh. The negatives about this product are that the price is somewhat high for drugstore makeup, and that the packaging seems a little wasteful since it is made by a company that promotes eco awareness.

Johnson City, TN


Physicians formula organic wear blush is ok


I purchased the physicians formula organic wear translucent powder and quite liked it, that I decided to try the organic wear blush. It comes in a cute container, and the blush is shaped like a leaf. It is quite cute. The color I purchased is a nice rosey color. It looks pretty pigmented in the container. It comes with a nice blush applicator. It is conveninent to have the applicator with the compact. makes for easy application. What I did not like about the product is that it is actually not pigmented at all. MAybe it is the color I purchased that is not good for my skin tone. It is very light, actually so light, i can not even see it on my skin. I like blush to give me a natural flush to my cheeks, make me look alive haha but this does nothing, not even slightly. I even try applying alot of the product but i get no color payoff whatsoever. I would not recommend this to the tanned or darker skinned girls out there. It doesnt show up.

Colton, CA


Natural Make Up You Can Trust, Lack of Color


I recently switched to all organic make-up after finding out about links between parabens in make-up and other beauty products and breast cancer. Though this is not proven, I rather be safe than sorry. Many of the major brand make-up and lotions companies are using parabens in thier products. I love Physician's Formula Organic Wear Line because it is not only made of natural ingredients but also clearly boasts on the packaging that it is paraben-free. I have been using this blush over the last few months. The packaging is very appealing. Looks earthy and attractive with designs and differing colors in the actual blush itself. I am not in love with this color for my skin tone. I have light skin and the color goes on really light. I have to apply several coats to see any difference from having no blush on. I tend to use my own blush brush as the one included in the packing is handy but doesn't blend the blush in as much as I'd like it too. The price is great, but next time I'll try a different color.

Onalaska, WI


Physicians Formula Organic Wear is trendy


I am always interested in trying new organic products when I see them in stores, so I was excited to find organic makeup popping up in stores.  I have enjoyed using this Physicians Formula Blush, but my only complaint is the packaging of the product.  I use this product daily, so I am constantly opening and closing the compartment for the brush.  Recently, the compartment for the brush came detached, so I just store the brush on top of the product.  It's not a big deal since I am almost done using this product, but I hope that Physicians Formula works on their packaging to make it last longer, even if it is organic and the packaging is eco-friendly.  I like that there is a mirror attached to this set, so I can use it if I am on the go.  The makeup feels very light on my face and provides a natural look for my every-day makeup routine.  I would recommend this product and I would purchase it again.

Saint Paul, MN


Clean Beauty


was a perfect find.  Back in the 1970s was a back to nature earth mother hippe girl.  It was all about working in the co-op, recycling, saving the planet and all the while looking natural and pretty while doing so.  For decades I was very critical of the cosmetics industry. It was ethically good that the testing on animals was phased out of most cosmetic companies, but that wasn't enough to save mother nature from the enivromental harm of cosmetic production.  So for most of my life I have worn very little or no make-up.  But time passes.  Things chance.  People do. Natural beauty sometimes needs a little helping hand. My ideals are still intact  and I don't even mind the silver in my hair BUT my skin is now uneven in color and texture. That does bother me on special days, Nevermind that they have a hippe mother all my kids have grown up to be pretty mainstream.  I discovered Physcians Formula Organic Wear 100% Natural Blush just before my daughter's wedding. I didn't feel like the happy old crone anymore.  I felt naturally beautiful without uncompromising the old hippie me.  PS And my daughter was absolutely radiant with the same product line.

Toledo, OR


Physicians Formula Organic Wear 100% Natural Blush, Blushing Organics, 0.19-Ounces (Pack of 2) (Physicians Formula)

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