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Physicians Formula
Physicians Formula Concealer 101 Perfecting Concealer Duo - Green/Light

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Awful Concealer Duo. Save Your Money


The only reason I ended up buying this was because it was 75% off during a sale at the drugstore. I love concealer and the concept is great of having two in one compact. I have used green concealer before and it does work for cancelling out redness. This product in particular is just terrible. The consistency of the product is very dry. It does not blend out well whatsoever. If you were to put this on top of your foundation, it would seriously just drag around on your skin, removing anything already on your face. The green concealer works okay, but the skin colored concealer beyond awful. It is too dry. I can't express that enough. I wouldn't use this on my face if it was free. I tried it on more than one occasion just because I have hated products on a first try, but ended up loving the more I used it. This is not one of those. I hated it more and more each time I tried it. Save your money. There are so many concealers out there that are much better quality than this on.e I generally love physician's formula, but this is one of their fails.



Don't waste your money on this so-called 'perfecting concealer'.


If you purchase the so-called "Perfecting Concealer" Duo from Physicians Formula, you will most likely be mad at yourself for not listening to me because this product (for lack of better words) sucks. It does not do what it says. First of all, the product is hard to get on the applicator brush to begin with. It is nearly impossible to cover any blemishes. It may appear as though it is going to do the job when you apply the green, but it looks too funny to leave like that, so you have to apply the flesh tone concealer over it, which uncovers your blemish from the green layer you just applied. Any little touch to the spot you applied this product to will reveal what lies underneath. It is not cool. If you purchase this worthless concealer duo, you will probably never use it after the first couple times trying to get it to work or follow the route I took and simply throw it out. I would not advise anyone wasting their money on this one.

Glendora, CA


Great concealer, covers up redness


Great product. I have problems with redness on occasion, and I've found this to cover it well... you put the green over any redness, and then use the concealer over the green and elsewear. I have sensitive skin and this doesn't irritate it, nor are there streaks. If you also get pretty dry skin like me though, you might want to use lotion before applying it.  Also, I have very fair skin, and this is pretty light but when I put it on my eyelids or the inner corners of my eyes, sometimes it's a bit too light there and can make you look sort of washed out/odd.  But I have gotten many many compliments on my complexion using this :)

Shippensburg, PA


does not conceal well


This product has a green color and a cover up for light skin.  First off, I like the idea of having this two in one product.  The green is meant to camoflauge any redness in your skin.  The idea is that green is the opposite color of red, and will cancel out redness.  I have a little bit of redness in my skin from time to time.  I used the green cover up on my cheeks, and it masked it a bit.  I have also tried it on red break outs.  It works best for my break outs.  Then you are supposed to apply the light colored concealer over top of the green.  This is not the best concealer.  It looks really chalky, and it does not blend well into my skin.  When you layer your foundation over top, you really have to be careful because the concealer comes off very easily.  I think that the green concealer works better than the light color.  When I use the green, I do not use the light color and instead use a different concealer over top.  Overall, I would not recommend this product.

Sumas, WA


Physicians Formula Concealer 101 Perfecting Concealer Duo - Green/Light

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