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Physicians' Choice
Physicians' Choice Ear Wax Removal Kit

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Physician's Choice Ear Wax Removal System: Who knew?


For years my wife and daughters have harped on me about my hearing or more accurately my inability to hear them, or at times the TV or anything else for that matter. And for years I maintained that "there's nothing wrong with my hearing". But, of course I knew differently. Exposure to prolonged artillery fire while in the service had left me with a slight hearing deficit and a permanent ringing in my ears (tinnitus). In recent years though I have noticed that my hearing has become a bit worse. I mentioned it to a friend and he asked if I had ever had a thorough ear wax cleaning. I hadn't. In fact, I thought he was joking; but he swore he was serious. He said that his hearing was improved by a thorough cleaning every couple of years. I had to wonder how much mine would improve with a thorough cleaning after more years than I care to admit to. When I discussed it with my family doctor he recommended I try Physician's Choice Ear Wax Removal System before going to an ENT physician for a professional procedure. **What is it?** The **Physician's Choice Ear Wax Removal System** consists of ear drops (carbamide peroxide), silicone ear putty plugs, a bulb syringe and a small water well. The system is surprisingly easy to use. The peroxide drops are placed in one ear canal which is then plugged with the silicone putty while drops are put in the other ear. After several minutes during which I heard odd crackling noises coming from my ears I removed the putty and rinsed my ear canals with warm water using the syringe. While I couldn't actually see anything coming out of my ears I could feel it. Make sure you really flush the peroxide well. Leaving peroxide in your ear canal can cause a nasty ear ache. **The Results** Was my hearing miraculously restored? Of course not! But here's the thing. It improved quite a bit. I mean, you can only push ear wax down your ear canals with a Q-tip for so many years while swearing you're cleaning your ears. A thorough cleaning with the **Physician's Choice Ear Wax Removal System** does my hearing good. You may require a professional cleaning after all. But considering how easy and inexpensive the **Physician's Choice Ear Wax Removal System** is, I'd recommend giving it a try.

Boca Raton, FL


Who Needs The Doctor's Office With This Kit?


***Bottom-Line***: ***Physicians' Choice Ear Wax Removal Kit*** has earned a place in my bathroom closet.  Ear wax, now here's a stimulating and palatable subject!  But we all have some and we all do battle with it to some extent.  And we all-well most of us-have to occasionally have the excess ear wax removed from our ears in order to hear properly.  But I don't have time, desire, or finances to drop by the doctor's office every time I need and extended ear cleansing.  So I bought a ***Physicians' Choice Ear Wax Removal Kit*** in order to do the job myself.      **The 411** The ***Physicians' Choice Ear Wax Removal Kit*** come packaged in a neat little kit, complete with drops, wax ear plugs, a flushing bulb, and small water well. **Marketing Literature**: *"Only Physicians' Choice gives you the most complete, doctor-recommended ear wax removal system, with FREE Ear Putty included in each package of ear drops. The Ear Putty allows you to treat both ears at once - FAST and EASY! No waiting in a reclining position, no need for messy cotton balls." * ***Physicians' Choice**** Ear Wax Removal Drops* contain carbamide peroxide, to soften, loosen and remove excessive ear wax. **My Viewpoint** I like the ***Physicians' Choice Ear Wax Removal Kit, ***it's convenient, works fast and the included wax ear plugs make this a true all-in-one kit.  However, over time the plugs do get, well, dirty with dried ear wax and prove impossible to clean. The drops go to work relatively quickly and I can tell they are working by the crackling sound in my ear canals.  Once the crackling has tapered off I am ready to flush the canal with warm water, clearing out the excess ear wax.  Pretty simple stuff; ***Physicians' Choice Ear Wax Removal Kit*** has earned a place in my bathroom closet.

Aurora, IL


Physicians' Choice Ear Wax Removal Kit

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