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PhysAssist Foot Pain Cream

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The Foot Pain Cream is amazing!


Well is the first time that I wrote about a product, but I want to share this product with the world,is one of the most amazing thing that exists in the market, my mom has diabetes, and she had so many troubles with her feet, but after she tryies this product, the pain disappear, the foot pain cream is a miracle, and now we cannot live without it!!!  The foot Cream is a Pain relieving, one of the benefits is that is quicly abosrbed, non greasy 100 aplications, tee tre oil is antibacterial and helps to protect the skin, help to moisteruze, the function of the cream  is help you to soften the skin, and off course help with the diabetics problems!!! I find the website of the company, it offers a lot of products, I recently tried the EXFOLIATING BODY SCRUB, and is so good for the skin.... I really like this products.... also if u want to see the company website the page is http://www.physassist.com Also I buy the product by phone, this is one of the lines to order the product and if u want u can talk with them and ask for more information: 8435644217

Celina, OH


Refreshing pain relief!!


Physicians Assist Foot Cream-- A friend brought it for us to try! My husband and I put it on our feet and received instant relief. Being a back pain sufferer, I tried some on my back and again received relief. This cream is great and I would like to try more. Unfortunately, our friend did not leave the product. My husband and I decided we need to buy some. Diane & William Duncan

Mechanicsburg, PA


PhysAssist Foot Pain Cream

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