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Phoenix Gas Grill

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Phoenix grills are awesome!


My husband and I have owned a Phoenix Grill for about 4 years.  It was the best investment we have ever made.  If you are a frequent griller and are tired of having to buy a new grill every 3 or so years, then this is the grill for you.  You can grill anything on this grill.  You can baste your meat, vegetable etc. and not worry about it smoking in your face after it falls onto the coals or burner because there are none.  It has its own heating element that cooks your food.  You are able to poor whatever tenderizer or flavoring right into the grill.  There is a spout underneath that you turn on and it empties into a small bucket.  It evenly heats your food and allows you to watch the temperature of the grill at all times by using the temperature gage on the outside of the hood.  It is stainless steel so it doesn't rust or discolor.  It also comes with a great cookbook that contains great recipes that we have used time and time again.  My husband actually won a grilling recipe contest at work by submitting his favorite summer time entre.  I would highly recomend this to anyone that is willing to spend a little bit more to get something great in return.

Holland, MI


Phoenix Gas Grill

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