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Philosophy Eye Believe Deep Wrinkle Peptide Gel

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Well, it feels smooth!


As I've said in other reviews, I use tons of the philosophy skincare line. At one time I worked at the counter in a department store, so I had access to many of their products at that time. This is one product that I never really bought again. It's nice, but not necessary. Eye believe is an eye cream treatment. That means basically that you still should use another eye cream to actually give hydration to the skin around the eye area. That right there was a minus for me. I love my skincare products, but I like to only use one of each thing. The fact that I was going to have to use another eye cream seemed to defeat the purpose. But I digress. When you apply this product, the first thing you'll notice is the texture. Wow, it's smooth! It totally glides and slides, and feels so silky. It really does smooth over the lines and wrinkles around the eye area-at least, it seems to. Upon touch it is indeed smooth, but I didn't really notice much difference. It FELT smoother, but the product seemed purely aesthetic- a smooth texture, but not a whole lot of treatment. To be fair, I don't have tons of lines around the eyes, but I do have some. And it didn't really do much to impress me. So I'll stick with my hope in a tube-it gives me the hydration I need.

Chicago, IL


This is good when I remember to use it. Not a "must have".


***Quick View:*** I buy everything Philosophy comes out with as it pertains to skin care. I am total Philosophy fanatic and believe it is one of the best skincare companies out there - at least for my skin. However, not everything they come up with is great. This eye cream is good. But it isn't great. I like it but can live without it as well.***About Philosophy Eye Believe Deep Wrinkle Peptide Gel*** This eye gel comes in a one half ounce tube. The formula is really not a gel nor a cream. It is an opaque white substance that is smooth and silky. It reminds me of line filler by Joey New York which is also very velvety and smooth. This is not a cream to be used in place of your regular eye creams. It can be applied under or over regular cream. When I apply it, I use it after my usual cream but only lightly hydrate the area. Then I apply Eye Believe. This smoothes on and fills in lines and wrinkles. I can feel the area around my eyes softening and, when I touch the area, it is smooth and silky. There is no greasiness to this at all. Once it is on the eye area, apply cosmetics as usual. My eye area does look better but I don't have deep wrinkles (yet). I do have find lines and they seem somewhat diminished when I use this product. There is no flaking or residue when I use it and it seems to last a long time. However, because I really don't have deep wrinkles, it's hard to say how it would work for that purpose. I like this gel but I am not fanatical about it. I wear it when I am going somewhere special or when I remember. It's nice and I may buy more when I run out. But it isn't a staple in my skin care regiment. It's good though and does ease fine lines quite well. ***My Viewpoint*** Philosophy does skin care very well. This eye gel is different from any other I have tried. It's very smooth and very velvety and does, indeed, help fill in lines. However, I don't think it is a long-term solution. It is a temporary one. But hey, it's better than none at all! I like this but it seems I forget to use it more often than not. I never forget to use my hydrating eye creams. ***I give this cream 3 stars.*** It's a decent add on for smoothing fine lines but I wouldn't consider it a must have.

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Philosophy Eye Believe Deep Wrinkle Peptide Gel

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