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Philosophy The Supernatural Mascara

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I'm so bummed in this Philosophy The Supernatural mascara!


Knowing how much I love trying new mascara, my mom thoughtfully bought me this Philosophy The Supernatural Mascara. I thought it would be awesome since it is so expensive and comes from a reputable brand like Philosophy, but I was wrong. What I do like about **Philosophy The Supernatural Mascara, **is the brush. It's a relatively small brush with tapered bristles at the ends. The size of it makes it easy to reach all of your lashes. Unfortunately, the formula doesn't allow you to do that. After pulling the wand out of the tube, you have approximately five seconds to get all the lashes you can before it dries up and stops in its tracks on your lashes. Once it dries up, that's it - you cannot apply a second coat or try to enhance the look anymore. If you do, the brush will get stuck in your lashes and give you a brittle, spidery look. After one coat, you get a tiny bit of length, and almost no volume. What you do get is slightly darker lashes. I can't believe the horrible results from this mascara. I expected a lot more from Philosophy. Besides lip gloss, this is my first Philosophy make-up product and I'm disappointed!

Camp Lejeune, NC


The Supernatural is my main mascara!!


This mascara is the best. I discovered this through a friend when I was in Iraq. As we all know it is hot and you sweat 24-7. I tried several mascaras but they all gave me racoon eyes by the afternoon. I tried this and OH MY GOSH....NO RACOON EYES!!! i CAN EVEN SLEEP IN THIS AND WAKE UP WITH NO RACOON EYES. Try it you will not be disappointed. Just remember it is not swimming pool proof. It sloughs off when you wash so you never have dark circles from your mascara.

Lakewood, WA


This mascara disappoints


As those of you who follow my reviews may know, I am constantly on a search for the perfect mascara.  Unfortunately, Philosophy's The Supernatural Mascara is not it.  It bills itself as the "anti-mascara"...whatever that means.  I have long eyelashes, but the tips are blonde, so I primarily look for one that will just color in what I already have without clumping them together.  Because this mascara claimed to look natural, I thought it would fit the bill.  Unfortunately, I was wrong.  The formula is definitely different from regular mascaras.  It is more of a liquid than a cream, so I thought it would be perfect for tinting.  Instead, it clumps eyelashes together almost immediately, and if you don't comb them out before it dries you end up with creepy spider eyes.  Unlike traditional mascaras, which allow for brushing after application, the Supernatural Mascara is a sticky formula that once dried is almost impossible to budge.  This is great in terms of staying power for an all day application without flaking, but it is not good in terms of being able to remove/adjust mascara that is not working.  Avoid this one, ladies.  It costs far too much for not doing good work.

Baltimore, MD


Philosophy The Supernatural Mascara

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