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Philosophy The Great Mystery One-Minute Daily Facial

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Good for my daughter, but not me.


I really like the Philosophy line, but I didn't care for this product.  It broke me out.  I gave it a couple weeks, but it never improved.  My daughter was struggling with some acne and tried it, and it did work for her.  Maybe it is geared more towards the teenage skin problems rather than adult

Fishers, IN


It really IS a mystery. I'm not sure what it does but I like it.


***Quick View:*** I try every skin care product introduced by Philosophy and most are really good. This is good but I am still not sure what it really does. It's a mystery all right. I just use it and hope for the best. *** About Philosophy the Great Mystery Deep Cleansing Daily Facial*** I bought this product because I try all the new Philosophy skin care products. This is certainly a mystery to me. I had no idea what it was really for and still don't. According to Philosophy: *"Philosophy Great Mystery offers deep cleansing, exfoliation, and purification for your skin in record speed with no irritation. It is truly a Great Mystery as to how something so simple could be so gentle, yet so thoroughly effective. Ideal for all skin types." *This comes in a five ounce tube and is thick and almost feels a bit like Vaseline on the skin. It has a pleasant scent. It has nothing at all to exfoliate the skin that I feel. It is completely smooth and very thick. After a minute or two, it can be rinsed off and my skin does feel soft and looks clear. But I still don't get it. What does it DO? I don't think it exfoliates and I don't know if it truly cleanses the skin. It does hydrate the skin and soften it but...it's a weird product. I do like it and use it in the tub when I am relaxing almost like a mask. I sometimes use a scrub over it and that makes my face all tingly and soft. But really, I don't see what the heck this product truly does and, even though I have purchased two tubes, I remain mystified. It is an add on product that no one NEEDS but is nice for a deeply hydrating fast mini facial. I think... *** My Viewpoint*** I never have used a product that I actually liked but didn't know what it did. It is very thick and does, indeed, deeply hydrate my skin and washes off easily but exactly what it does beyond that is a mystery. Hence the name I suppose. I like it and use it weekly or every 10 days for a mini facial but I could easily live without it as well.*** I give it 3 stars. ***It's an indulgence.

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Philosophy The Great Mystery One-Minute Daily Facial

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