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Shampoo for All Hair Types
Philosophy Shear Splendor Age Defying Shampoo

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Oh, the yummy smell


This shampoo is really nice. The scent alone would be reason enough for some to purchase it. It smells like lemon sandwich cookies!! What makes the shampoo even better is that it leaves your hair feeling so nice. My hair tangles very easily and I never had a problem combing my hair out after using Shear Splendor. But, don't let that fool you, because once your hair is dry it isn't left feeling or greasy, which can happen with overly "conditioning" type shampoo. I also color my hair and Shear Splendor does not strip the color from my hair like other shampoos can do. I also noticed that I could go a little longer without having to have my split ends trimmed when I use Shear Splendor, which is always a plus!

Pennsville, NJ


great shampoo for any type of hair


I love this shampoo, I ordered the biggest size available since I had a gift card. It's a ridiculous price for anyone on a budget though. I couldn't bring myself to ever pay that much for shampoo. I have sort of a combination type hair. My roots are oily, but dry at the same time and my ends are extremely dry. This shampoo smells great, it's a really different smell though. This shampoo cleans my hair thoroughly while not making my ends too dry. I actually find that my ends are getting much more moisturized and less dry. I also own the conditioner and hair serum, and I think they all compliment each other perfectly. I've never had my hair feel better than it does since I've been using this shampoo. I have a lot less itching in my scalp and my ends no longer feel like straw. It makes my hair smell great all day.  think it would be great for anyone no matter what type of hair they have, whether it's curly, straight, dry, oily.  

Thibodaux, LA


Perfect shampoo for frizzies.


This shampoo is the best ever. I have spent so much resources looking for the right one for my full and frizzy hair. Very glad I found this one, what a tremendous help from philosophy. It can be used daily as it is very mild on hair and scalp. The smell is very refreshing, the result on hair is immediately and superb! Works like a chime, it gives me all I want to see with my hair.

Madison, WI


Philosophy Shear Splendor Age Defying Shampoo

5.0 3