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Philosophy On A Clear Day Oil Free All Over Acne Treatment

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Keeps breakouts from happening


Ever since I tried Philosophy's On A Clear Day Oil-Free All Over Acne Treatment I have been hooked on it! All you need is a small drop (after cleansing) in the morning and night to help get rid of acne and help prevent breakouts. I have had really bad skin lately and this product (along with the rest of the On A Clear Day line) has helped me clear up my acne troubles and not have bad humiliating breakouts. The product is lightweight, has a tolerent smell, and as soon as you put it on you can feel and see a difference once your face absorbs it in (it only takes like 30 seconds to do so). I wouldn't recommend using it alone if putting make-up on, I would follow it up with a moisturizer (I use the on a clear day oil-free moisturizer, and am in love with it!), and then wait a minute or two to let your face absorb the products so your make-up will go on smoothly. If you have blemishes that won't go away don't forget to use a spot treatment before putting on the moisturizer, but after the all-over treatment.

Mesa, AZ


Jury is still out.....so far not pleased


**I bought Philosophy On A Clear Day Oil Free All Over Acne Treatment from a beauty store 10 days ago. The first two days, my skin seemed SO much better - I was getting really excited and was hoping that maybe I had finally found the "it" skin care line for my awful adult acne. Now I know that a lot of acne is hormonal induced and really cannot be helped with a cleansing line, but I keep trying with the hopes that one day I will find something that really helps my skin. Well, several days later now, my skin is possibly even worse than before - I have more breakouts in little clusters and my acne seems even more active. The only thing that seems better is that perhaps I don't have quite as much of the cystic acne - but don't get me wrong I've still got some very large blemishes that are painful and embarrassing. Perhaps after a few more weeks there will be a turnaround for the better - but for now I am not impressed. **

emmacreek, KS


Great product. Does not dry skin too much!


This acne treatment is like a gel. It is not oily or creamy at all, just a clear gel. You only need a very little bit, because it spreads all over the face amazingly well. A little goes a long way, so careful not to get too much. It absorbs in to the skin quickly. I have used it for about six months now, and my face has never looked better. I have not had any problems with being too dry from this, no redness and no peeling. A bonus is it does not contain benzoil peroxide, so no bleaching of my clothes either. I have tried all the big name brand acne treatment systems, and the On A Clear Day system by Philosophy is by far the best I have tried. It does seem a little expensive, but when you have acne you know how bad you feel and how you would pay almost anything to look better. I didn't leave the house for almost 2 years until I got this line by Philosophy. Now I do have some breakouts along the jaw line still, but nowhere near what I used to have. I used to look like a pizza! Now I look pretty good most of the time. Thank you Philosophy! If you're on the fence about this product, I would say give it a try. I am glad I did.

Holland, MI


The Philosophy of life, no. But A-Okay in my book!!!


I just thought that I was getting another one of those free trials, that was going to cause me to break out in a rash, itch, sting, ot worse yet, burn my face!!!  But ta-da, magically I discovered that the mailman had but **Philosophy in my mailbox!!! I tried it and it was great!!! I really love it for the way it softens. My face does not feel tight like other creams do. You really must try this.**

Indianapolis, IN


All I can say is "Amazing"!


Philosophy On A Clear Day Oil Free All Over Acne Treatment is a miracle!!! This is the first product I've used that actually worked right away.  At 27 years old, I am just now dealing with acne and breakouts.  This summer was especially bad because of the humidity!  I not only broke out on my face but for the first time I was breaking out on my back and shoulders too.  Once I applied it on my back it cleared up right away and I haven't had any issues since!  I have tried numerous products, Proactive, Murad, Neutragena, etc, but none of them gave me results that I could actually see right away.  It's very light and doesn't dry out my skin at all.  I apply the Philosophy On A Clear Day All Over Acne Treatment after I wash my face in the morning and at night.  I follow it up with the Philosophy On A Clear Day Moisturizer.  I definitely recommend this product!  I can't wait to try some of the other products from Philosophy!

Brookfield, WI


On A Clear Day is the least effective prouct of Philosophy'


On A Clear Day is the least effective product of Philosophy's acne regimen. This product came with their acne kit. I rarely used it as it kept my makeup from going on smoothly. I used their cleanser and salicylic treatment which I found to be effective. On a Clear Day was an unnecessary component.

Atlanta, GA


Philosophy On A Clear Day Oil Free All Over Acne Treatment

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