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Philosophy Lip Shine - Red Velvet Cake

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Great tasting and looking lip gloss


I just received Philosophy Lip Shine-Red Velvet Cake as a gift. What a great present! This gloss is super shiny and sparkles! It smells amazing-just like Red Velvet Cake (my favorite cake!). It tastes good too! It has a nice, thick consistency. It feels amazing on my lips. It really moisturizes my lips. It has a nice, subtle color. I also like to use it over some light lipstick to give my lips an extra boost! The shine looks amazing in pictures!



Philosophy is worth the price!


This lip gloss from Philosophy is absolutely wonderful. The best lip gloss that I've ever bought. It's a heavy gloss in consistency, but it's light once you apply it, and it goes on and stays on. There is a very subtle color and shimmer to it that's flattering for virtually any skin color. It's terrific as a final top coat for a bit of shine, or by itself for a little color with a bit of sparkle. The gloss isn't too sticky, and it really has some staying power. In addition to all of this, I have to say that this is also truly the most delicious lip gloss I have ever tried in my life. It's not just sweet, it really does taste like red velvet cake! It is amazing how they turned cake batter into lip gloss lol! My boyfriend loves it when I wear this stuff too! I highly recommend it to anyone seeking a stubborn, stay-on lip gloss, as well as one that actually tastes divine and isn't a sticky mess for the entire day!

Abita Springs, LA


Philosophy Lip Shine - Red Velvet Cake

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