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Philosophy Kiss Me: Very Emollient Lip Balm - All Shades

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Heal and protect lips - and look pretty doing it!


I love this lip balm!  It heals and protects dry lips, plus leave them with a polished, healthy, shiny pink glow.  With its glossy finish and hint of pink color, you can opt to go without lipstick and simply use this product as a balm and gloss in one.  Use it before bedtime and wake up with super soft, plush lips!  I highly recommend this product!

Burlingame, CA


Nice but could be better!


Philosophy Kiss Me: Very Emollient Lip Balm is compact and fits within my purse. I love how it leaves my lips shiny and looking prettier than ever! All of the shades that I have tried look very natural and don't make it look like I have a bunch of gloss caked on my lips. I love that it moisturizes while keeping my looks looking kissable! I wish this lasted longer than it does. It does leave my lips longer very pretty but I do find that I need to reapply pretty often each day. I love most of the products that Philosophy makes though I do find that the prices are a bit expensive but I am always willing to pay for products that last and are made of high quality ingredients! I never pass up using my Philosophy Kiss Me: Very Emollient Lip Balm. My lips never go a day without looking glossy and this stuff even keeps them smooth and soothed, especially in the winter time! A must have for women that like to protect while still looking nice and natural!

Linthicum Heights, MD


Philosophy Kiss Me Red Lip shine - lips made easy


Philosophy Kiss Me in red lip shine is always in my make-up drawer.  If I run out, I must order or go buy another tube.  There are not many products that I say that about.  Kiss Me red does not look as red on your lips as it does in the tube.  It would work on any skin color.  I've given it as a gift to young girls before without any qualms from their mothers.  During the day, you would get a hint of pink if worn alone.  I like to wear it over red lip liner for the shine and extra moisturizing power.  At night, it is nice part of my moisturizing routine.  The lips have to oil glands so they must have protection at all times.  And I look pretty going to bed also.  I usually keep a tube in my purse and a tube in my make-up drawer.  Actually, it is both lip care and make-up in one product.  Kiss Me has a pleasant scent...though it is very subtle.  The product is easy to apply and goes on velvety.  A great gift for any age.

Osseo, MN


Like Vaseline with some color


I am totally in LOVE with most Philosophy products, but got stuck with a tube of their Kiss Me Very Emollient Lip Balm in a little "Try Me" bag of smaller sized products.  I LOVED and used everything else in my little bag, but this Lip Balm is NOT worth the money!!  It really reminds me of those little tubes of Vaseline lip stuff--no color or anything--just greasy stuff. Well, this is greasy stuff with red color--and while the color is nice, not overpowering or anything, the taste, consistency, and the fact that you have to KEEP PUTTING IT ON!! drives me nuts!  I gave it to a friend at work and she thought the stuff was OK, but I always thought all her taste was in her mouth, anyway.

Ashburnham, MA


very emolient but not very tasty


look elsewhere if you like flavor. This balm is emolient, but tastes like plastic.  I like the color of this product on my lips, but the taste is something i can do without.  Philosophy products do well for your skin, and usually have great scents.  However, they left it out for this one product.

Makawao, HI


Kiss me, but don't taste your lips after. Ewwww!


I am a Philosophy skin care addict and swear by many of their products. However, their cosmetics are very hit and miss. I Bought **Philosophy Kiss Me Very Emollient Lip Balm Red Tube **and, while it looks and feels great on me, it has a weird taste that detracts from its benefits. **My Use** This balm comes in a one half ounce clear tube. It looks very red in the tube but it's really quite sheer on my lips. The balm is thick and slicks on well and isn't sticky. It hydrates my lips and makes them look naturally more-pigmented and juicy. There is a strange-taste though that threw me off. I expected that red balm-would have a cherry/strawberry/fruity scent and taste but not this one! This has a somewhat medicinal scent and even worse taste. On my lips, it looks just fine. It's a natural flush of color that soothes and protects my lips. It's so flattering that I can look past the weird taste. But my husband has been known to make a face and yell "Yech!"after kissing me when I was wearing this balm. Never a response I appreciate when kissing anyone. The balm wears for an average amount of time, around 45 minutes. You won't lick it off because it doesn't have a fun flavor like many other Philosophy lip balms and shines so it will last longer. Flattering? Yes. Kissable? Well, yes and no. It makes my lips look kissable but, when I do get that kiss, I have to hear a "Yech!" afterward that leads me to recommend that you wear this at home or out when you aren't about to be smooching anyone. **Conclusion** **Philosophy Kiss Me Very Emollient Lip Balm Red Tube **is, indeed, very emollient and is great for a natural look. I wear it to the grocery store or for short errands because it looks so natural and casual yet protects my lips from the elements. When I think I may be puckering up, I switch to *Philosophy's Raspberry Sorbet Lip Shine* that has a similar hue and a fantastic scent and taste. I give this balm 4 stars. It is wonderful except for the taste. Too bad. Berry flavored balm would have been the bomb!

The heart of , NY


Philosophy Kiss Me: Very Emollient Lip Balm - All Shades

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