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Philosophy Hope and a Prayer Topical Vitamin C Powder

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i would put this in my tea and drink it if i knew it would work


you have a great powder to mix with foundation and sunscreen.  It's like a power boosty for your sunscreen.  Vit C is unstable, and you need it in a powder form so it's effective on your skin.  Get this product if anythign new this year, you won't be disappointed, besides the funny vit C smell on your face at certain times of the day you'll smell it. but no big deal.

Makawao, HI


Whatta rush! My addiction to this white powder makes me glow.


**Quick View:** In honor of my 300th review, I am writing about my all time favorite skin care product that I would choose over any other if I had to make a choice. **Philosophy When Hope and a Prayer Vitamin C Powder **is** **the fountain of youth in a little jar. Seriously. **Full View:** When I first discovered **When Hope and a Prayer Vitamin C Powder,** I couldn't figure out what the big deal was. I had creams with Vitamin C in them already so did I really need this stuff? Oh yes, I did. This powder mixes with anything - face cream, eye cream, hand and body cream or lotion, sunscreen, even foundation - and does amazing things for my skin. **The Product**This product comes in a tiny .25 ounce brown glass bottle and is snow-white powder. It comes with a teeny scoop and the directions say to mix it fresh each application. Vitamin C tends to turn brown and lose potency when mixed and not used immediately. I did some research and found that my Vitamin C creams didn't have nearly enough of the antioxidant in them to truly make a difference in my skin. I dumped them and started using **When Hope and a Prayer Vitamin C Powder.** My skin looks better now than five years ago. Honestly. I'm not just delusional because I'm old (almost 43). I mix a scoop of this powder with my morning moisturizer and a tiny bit with my eye cream. About once a week, I will mix a scoop with my hand cream to detox and freshen my hands. I also use it on neck and chest, mixed fresh with whatever cream or lotion I am using. I feel a tiny tingle when I use this, nothing painful or irritating. My skin literally glows after I use it and, since I have been using it daily, my skin is former, clearer, more even toned, and looks less stressed. Dare I say I may even look younger than when I started to use this? Maybe not but I don't believe I have aged much in the year since I started my regiment. One little bottle lasts many months. **Philosophy Says it Best***free radical damage can ruin your skin ** vitamin c is one of our most important topical antioxidants in the fight against free radical damage, a primary cause of aging. a key benefit of vitamin c is its ability to keep your skin bright and healthy. hope and a prayer is topical vitamin c at a high potency and is highly recommended for all skin types to prevent premature aging. this product is ideally used in the a.m. powerful topical antioxidant to help protect against photodamage may help to brighten skin tone and reduce fine lines 100% convertible vitamin c can be mixed into moisturizer, sunblock, eye cream or hand cream contains added benefits of zinc pca, copper pca and arginine guaranteed: low pH high potency l-ascorbic acid stable formulation**** * **My Viewpoint**I'll go without dessert, I'll go without new shoes, I'll live without any new makeup, but I will NOT go without **Philosophy ****When Hope and a Prayer Vitamin C Powder**. It's that good. I have used hundreds of products over the years and love several. However, my love for this stuff borders on obsession. I suppose, because it is a white powder with a tiny little scoop, it is addicting and gives me a rush. But a healthy (and less expensive) one that the other white powder. Ha! This is seriously the best thing you can do for your skin. I strongly believe it has changed my skin for the better in a radical way. ***5 stars all the way*** and may I never run out. Withdrawal is so nasty, I have heard.

The heart of , NY


Actually another product with a face lift.


Philosophy does not make their own products.  Many people are unaware that only a few companies exist which formulate most of the products you purchase.  All major retailers utilize the few cosmeceutical compounders to prepare their products to their specifications.  All that said, this is a very good product and a lot of research went into it prior to its introduction.  First off, the vitamin C used within is the best kind for actually getting into the dermal layers of your skin.  Secondly, it has a light feel unlike most other products.  Third, but not least, is that it is at a price point that makes it a relatively good buy.  I did not come up with the Kookoo names, but you have to admit, they do make fun of themselves.

New Orleans, LA


It's A Miracle!


First of all, I am a HUGE Philosophy fan.  When I introduced Hope and Prayer Vitamin C Powder to my daily skin care schedule I was a bit apprehensive, but after 90 days, I noticed my skin had more of a glow and there was a change in my skin's texture.  And knowing that I was adding an antioxidant again to my skin care was reassuring.

Bronx, NY


Cannot live without this; gold in a little brown bottle


This is a great product and I cannot do without it. I mix it with 100% pure Matryxl from Isomers, and I have a serious skin care product. Young ladies, a great preventive strategy. Older ladies, I recommend this product. It's never too late to start. I panicked when I thought this product was being discontinued; Philosphy advised me that it is not, although its name is changing. By the way, a woman's skin turns into a nightmare around age 47, because of hormonal fluctuations. (47 is the average; not for menopause, but for nightmare skin issues). I just turned 49 and no one can believe it. They think I am in my 30s. This and other products help keep it that way.    

New York, NY


Philosophy Hope and a Prayer Topical Vitamin C Powder

4.8 5