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Philosophy Coconut Frosting 3-in-1 Shower Gel

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I like Philosophy, this one was AWFUL


The scent was awful, but I must admit that I have smelled worse. The sweetness of the 'frosting' offset the fake and strong coconut smell. Oh, and I like coconut! I eat coconut; I hate the smell of this product. It was a typical, good Philosophy body wash product. It did not dry my skin. It was sudsy. However, it was THE WORST SCENT EVER! I called Philosophy and complained. I was able to send back the product and get a refund on it, so kudos to Philosophy for that. I can only imagine how much worse my review would have been if I had not received a refund. I like their Amazing Grace, and I love their Pure Grace, which I usually purchase as a gift for my sister. Effectiveness This body wash had a nice texture, was very bubbly, did not dry my skin, but I disliked the smell. Scent I've smelled worse, and I can admit that the sugary 'frosting' scent alleviated the stench of the fake coconut smell, but I expect better from Philosophy. I like coconut; I eat coconut, but this...this was just awful.




Keeps me smelling great


Whenever I get body washes, I really like to get the products that have very summery scents or frosting type scents. This Philosophy Coconut Frosting 3 in 1 Shampoo, Shower Gel, and Bubble Bath mixes both of my two favorite scents. The coconut is a very summery scent, while the frosting gives it a more dessert like scent. The Philosophy Coconut Frosting is a great shower gel because it keeps my skin clean while also keeping it moisturized. I don't have to worry about my skin drying out when I use Philosophy Coconut Frosting 3-in-1. I tend to have sensitive skin, and this is gentle enough for daily use. It doesn't cause any skin irritation. I have very thick, wavy hair, and although the shampoo makes my hair clean, it makes it very frizzy. It seems to add a lot of unwanted volume to my hair. This product is also a little on the expensive side, but when you buy it on Philosophy's website you can normally get some type of discount or free sample with your purchase.




Fun-scented, all-in-one


I have written many reviews of the philosophy skin care line (I am a junkie for many of their skin care products), but when it comes to shower gels, I tend to be a Bath and Body Works kind of guy. But I have to say, I do enjoy the coconut frosting 3-in-one that they make. Philosophy has tons of different scents, most of which are food or drink related (margarita, cinnamon buns, mimosa). I love the scent of coconut, and often buy shampoos with this scent, so I figured why not? It is very true to it's name. It indeed has a coconut scent, but not the type that is like suntan lotion, more like a food with coconut (like coconut frosting!). It is a thick texture, and you really do need to use a loofa; otherwise you are wasting a ton of the product. A little in the loofa goes a long way, and it has great sudsing action. I will say, I tried it once as a shampoo and didn't really love it, so only used it as a shower gel. When used as a shampoo it didn't really do that much for my hair. This product is great for a little mini-vacation in your shower, or a fun gift to a friend.


Chicago, IL


Coconut Frosting: Indulge in a Tropical Shower


Escape your mundane, everyday life with Philosophy's Coconut Frosting 3-in-1 Shower Gel. This type of product has made Philosophy famous. It functions as a shampoo, a bubble bath, and a shower gel. In fact, I often use these gels as shavings creams as well. I have very sensitive skin, and I find that this product calms my skin before I remove unwanted body hairs. In addition, it leaves my freshly shaved skin feeling moisturized and healthy. Philosophy is great at creating delicious and realistic scents. The Coconut Frosting smells just as you would imagine it. I typically use this gel during the spring and summer months. However, I recently used the gel this winter. It honestly transported me to a better, brighter mind set. It reminded me of sun and smiles and clean air. It basically took me to a tropical oasis from the comforts of my own home. The best part about the 3-in-1 shower gel is that the scent really does not follow you once you leave the shower. The aromatic experience terminates, allowing you to scent your body with whatever perfume you want in the morning. I like this freedom that Philosophy allows you. Only a luxury product could do this.


Saint Louis, MO


Philosophy Coconut Frosting 3-in-1 Shower Gel

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