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Shampoo for All Hair Types
Philosophy 3-in-1

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Perfect for everything on my body


My hair was very greasy before using this product, it has been a life saver it has made my hair health much better. Even works as a body wash which was very nice

Avon, Ct


It's my philosophy to enjoy life everywhere


Life is hard enough why not use a bath product that takes care of you. Philosophy 3 in one comes in many fabulous favors like strawbrerries and cream, mimosa, daiquiri , cinnamon buns just to name a few.  The smell that comes out of your shower or bath after all there is no longer a need to buy shower gel and bubble bath and shampoo this is three in one product.  You will start with one favor and want to try them all.  They gently on your skin and not drying.  Just remember when you read the bottles not to drink them when it tels you 1 1/2 light rum , 1 tbsp, 1 1/2 oz lime juice and blender at a low speed for five seconds.  I know they smell good enough to drink but, shower , bath and hair only but, its my philiosohy to enjoy your life and these bath products help with that. They make great gifts but, if you order them as a gift or two of each you will want to keep them. I've tried alot of bath products from hsn and other company but, these are my favorite.      

Annville, PA


Philosophy's 3-in-1 is half your bathroom in a bottle.


Philosophy's 3-in-1 is a shampoo, body wash, and bubble bath in one bottle, and it does all three applications admirably. I first tried the Cinnamon Bun scent for Christmas and have been buying it ever since. The line of scents is mostly food related and smells just like the real thing. I recommend the Cinnamon Bun, Double Rich Hot Cocoa, and Caramel Apple. These won't leave you feeling dry like some multi-purpose gels. Plus, the scent is nice and strong while in the shower, but dissipates quickly afterward so it won't clash with perfume. If you love decadently scented bath products, I would highly recommend this.

Valdosta, GA


Philosophy 3-in-1

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