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Phillips Milk of Magnesia uses for Acne

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Good for spot treatment


One of the things I have tried on my face to clear my acne was Phillips Milk of Magnesia. I applied this substance to my face every night and would let it harden. I would wait for 30 minutes then wash it off my face with lukewarm water. I applied a moisturizer to my face afterwards. I did this for 3 days and started to notice my skin was becoming really dry and irritated. My skin was a little red and swollen because I had to wash my face little longer due to the unwillingness of the milk of magnesia to come off my face. I continued this process for the rest of the week and things continued to get worse. I stopped using this liquid in hopes that my skin would calm down. My skin did calm down, but my acne was still present. I tried milk of magnesia one more time to see if I had given up too soon. I applied the liquid this time only on individual pimples. It definitely worked much better this way. I would definitely recommend Phillips Milk of Magnesia as a spot treatment for acne.

Westchester, IL


Milk of Magnesia has worked wonders for me!


I'm 44 years old and have suffered from acne since my teens.  I've tried just about every product out there over the years and **NOTHING** has worked like Milk of Magnesia.  For the first time in 30 years my skin is completely clear and my skin feels wonderful.  Another added benefit is that the pores on my face are so much smaller.I have not worn foundation for years because my skin is so oily that it never lasts more than an hour before the oil is shining though.  Using Milk of Magnesia as a primer, I can wear makeup once again!  After cleansing and toning in the AM, put a thin layer of Milk of Magnesia on your face and let it dry.  Apply your makeup as usual over the Milk of Magnesia and your makeup will stay fresh for most of the day, if not all day.The really important thing is to get **'Original'**, **NOT** flavored Milk of Magnesia.  The flavored varieties have mineral oil in them so you must get the plain kind for it to work on your skin.  You can also use Milk of Magnesia for acne as a mask treatment. Apply the product to clean, dry skin until a thin coating remains on the skin and allow it to dry. You will feel it tightening as the product dries, which is totally normal. Once dry, rinse the Milk of Magnesia off gently with warm water and pat dry with a soft cloth.   If you have severe acne you can apply a thin coat and leave it on your face overnight while you sleep.

Mc Calla, AL


Works to an extent


Try Milk of Magnesia my mom said. So I did and it kind of helped with my acne, but in the end I was disappointed, as it did not cure my acne like I hoped it would. It did clear it up a little, which was nice, but I have been out for a cure and so far no luck. One really nice thing about this product is that it lasts a long time. Since the product has a very thin composition you can use a lot before you even make a dent in the bottle. The thing that I did not like as much about using Milk of Magnesia is that it made my skin feel really dry after putting it on. I know that it is a drying agent, but so are many other creams and lotions and they have never made my face feel constantly dry. My advise for anyone who is looking to try this product is that they only use it on a small section of their face at a time because the drying can become really uncomfortable. If only the drying would have helped to eliminate my acne!

Pardeeville, WI


Much better than clay masks


I learned about Phillips Milk of Magnesia by reading Paula Begoun's book, "Don't Go to the Cosmetics Counter Without Me." Magnesium is a great oil absorber and soother/healer, and it is a lot less smelly, cumbersome, and hard to wash off than most clay masks. This product is so effective at absorbing oil, you can even apply a thin layer under makeup to reduce shine during the day! This takes a little practice; if you get it on too thick you get white powdery residue, but you just have to use a small amount and let it dry. Then gently wipe away any excess before you apply makeup! This helps get rid of red, irritated skin and helps dry up acne when you use it overnight.  Not precisely a miracle product, but very good in the fight against acne and oily skin. Make sure you get Original and not mint! Mint can irritate the skin!

Margaret, AL


Milk of Magnesia does control shine!


I know this sounds totally weird, but I had read on the internet that using Phillips Milk of Magnesia as a mask or makeup primer really helped control oil on your face and give you a nice, matte finish all day long.  As someone who suffers from extremely oily skin, I was so excited to try it out!  The first night, I used it as a mask and slept in it overnight.  When I  put it on (just using my fingers) I did notice that it made my skin instantly matte!  I was so excited, I thought it really might work!  When I woke up in the morning, my face was still pretty matte, but wearing it under makeup would be the true test.  I washed my face and toned, as usual, then applied the milk of magnesia to my face in a thin layer, using a cotton ball.  I then put on my foundation and everything else as normal.  Unfortunately, my face was shiny just as soon as it would normally be (after a few hours, tops.)  I really, really wanted this to work, but it didn't in the long run.  Perhaps it works as a mask at drying up acne, I cant say for sure as I haven't used it enough for that purpose, but if you're interested in it for mattifying properties, it just doesn't work, if you have very oily skin.

Hondo, TX


Phillips Milk of Magnesia uses for Acne

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