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Phillips Canned Crab

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If you can't get to the shore, buy Phillips in a can


I love crab cakes. My uncle bought me a crab cake sandwich at the boat club when I was in middle school, and I thought it was the best sandwich I'd ever eaten. As an adult, I lived on the Eastern Shore and bought fresh crab and learned to make homemade crab cakes which are even better than boat club crab patties. Now I live inland, and it's hard to get fresh crab. Occasionally the fresh fish market will have some crab and Harris Teeter also carries it now and again. It's quite expensive. I did try some packaged and canned crab, but I found that processed crab either had cartilage or was generally tasteless. That was disappointing. One day I was in Harris Teeter and saw a bright red can of crab meat. I noticed the cans, because the sale sign caught my eye. I didn't grab a can right then, but I did end up swinging to the back and getting one before I checked out. The crab in the bright red can is **Phillips**. Phillips is a company based out of Maryland. They have restaurants too, and so I knew the company name. The Phillips Crab worked out great in my crab cakes. I really don't think I would have known the crab meat was canned instead of fresh if I hadn't been the one making the crab cakes. My boys go wild for my crab cakes. I think they would eat them every night if we could afford that. I still love crab cakes too, and I'm really glad that Phillips started selling canned crab. It lasts in the refrigerator for several weeks (just check the date stamped on the can), and it does taste very fresh. I keep an eye out for Phillips Canned Crab Meat on sale and stock up now. If you need the crab cake recipe, then I have it posted at Consumer Help Web:  [http://cooking.consumerhelpweb.com/exoticcuisine/southerncrabcakes.htm][1]   [1]: http://cooking.consumerhelpweb.com/exoticcuisine/southerncrabcakes.htm


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Phillips Canned Crab

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