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Philips - Mini HIFI System FW-C555

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Rich, encompasing sound from a trusted brand


I bought my Phillips mini-system on amazon.com last month. I've had previous experience with the brand and have always had a positive experience. I've been using this as a multimedia tool. I love that I can connect my laptop or mp3 player and tv into it. The sound quality is excellent for a 2 speaker system. I enjoy the rich tones and deep thundering bass when I am in the mood for it also. Its looks are futuristic and are a nice addition to any household. All in all I would most definitely recommend this to a friend or neighbor. Another positive thing about Phillips products is that they are affordable, especially when compared to other, larger brands. Another interesting feature is the auto volume leveling. What it does is limits the bass and treble in order that there is no blur or distortion in the sound. This also protects the speakers from getting blown by accident.



Best radio I have ever had.


This is the best home stereo system I have ever purchased. I say this due to the sound quality, antenna reception, and versatility. The sound quality is great, with excellent speakers that emphasize bass, treble, and other sound qualities. I also enjoy the excellent antenna reception. The little antenna deal that comes with the radio doesnt seem like much, but it is actually a much higher quality than I thought. Finally, the versatility is great, as I was able to connect the stereo to my home TV to create the works of a surround sound system.

Brooksville, FL


Philips - Mini HIFI System FW-C555

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