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Philips T980 Beard Trimmer

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Great trimmer for the price.


This trimmer meets my expectations for a good razor. It is great for those who have pubic hair growing often and doesn't want to have the hassle of trimming hair with a normal razor. I'm not sure about whether this razor is big enough for a quick shave for everyone, but it certainly does the job for me. It is quite smooth. If you compare this to a normal razor, you run the chance of cutting yourself, even with shaving cream. I don't use shaving cream too often, but even so, this razor does a great job at shaving. That said, I must say that I've always kept my pubic hair limited in length, so I have not tried shaving longer lengths of public hair with this. However, for shaving regular trimmed or short pubic hair, this does the job. It functions smoothly without causing any discomfort. This razor really digs into your pores and cleans the pubic hair off your body quickly and smoothly. I recommend this razor.

Philadelphia, PA


Awesome beard trimmer with great suction power


I bought this Norelco T980 Beard Trimmer last week. I got it for a good price. I use it to groom a friend's beard and mustache. It trims very well. It has a special feature (turbo) to crank up the suction power. That is very neat. It also has a special hair chamber. I do have to admit that the chamber could have been slightly bigger because it gets full fairly quick. I have not tried this yet but you are supposed to be able to trim regular hair too. What is always very convenient with Norelco products is that you get a 60-day money back guarantee (in case you don't like it which I really doubt will happen with this trimmer) and a full 24 months warranty. I would definitely recommend this beard trimmer to all guys.

Pearland, TX


Philips T980 Beard Trimmer

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