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Philips T780 Beard Trimmer

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Gave me a nice trim :)


This was a pretty decent razor. It was good for when i trimmed my beard. unfortunately, my friend tried to use it but didn't know what he was doing and cut himself. better safety warnings would be good.


Boston, MA


Nice Trimmer, takes some getting used to!


I recently bought the new Philips Nerelco T780Trimmer with a vacuum. It is quite an impressive looking piece of equipment. Haveing had Nerelco Trimmers for some years (but none with a vacuum), I knew I was buying something that would get the job done. The problem was getting used to the vacuum feature and the different way you had to hold the trimmer to get results. I must have rubbed my face raw, pressing harder and harder, trying to get the trimmer to cut the length beard I wanted. All I kept getting was a gapped mess! Doing what is right, but not always what I do; I stopped trimming and when to reading. Turns out if you follow the directions, instead of doing it the way I always did it, makes it vacuum the stray hairs up wonderfully. And if you hold the cheek plate against the face as it says on page 2, moving the trimmer SLOWLY against the grain of the beard, it will cut it smooth and even! Now who would have guessed? Needless to say, if you have a husband that trims in at a shared sink, the vacuum trimmer is what you can get him that will keep giving back everytime he comes out of the bath looking neat and trim.


Franklin, NC


Philips T780 Beard Trimmer

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