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Philips Sonicare FlexCare Toothbrush HX6150

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Now I know I have really clean teeth, and whiter too!


 I got this as a gift and it is a definate winner in my opinion. Without spending 10 minutes every time I brush, I have "just left the dentist" smooth, clean teeth every day. This unit comes with one brush and has a cleaning unit attached which will hold two brush head. After brushing,I just put my brush into the cabinet and push a button on top to activate the UV light to sanitize the brush. Since normal toothbrushes are jam-packed full of bacteria (from the bathroom - eww!), this ensures that when you brush you aren't introducing bacteria into your mouth and also includes a spot to add a second brush. Additional or replacement brushes can be purchased at drug and department stores, and include colored rings to mark whose brush is whose. Another nice feature of this unit is a beginner speed. If one is not used to an electric toothbrush the vibration can be uncomfortable and unpleasant. With this brush, the speed can gradually increase each time you brush.  I really love the results, and so does my dentist!

Watertown, NY


Sonicare is THEE BEST!


This is thee BEST toothbrush I have ever used!!!! My teeth always feel Very Clean, and I had pockets in my gums that the dentist felt needed surgery. After using this toothbrush for a few months, the pockets reduced in size and I no longer was advised to have the surgery! It has really made a Huge difference in my dental health! GREAT Toothbrush!!!  The charge lasts almost 2 weeks, using it twice a day for the full 2 minute cycle.

Menasha, WI


Philips Sonicare FlexCare Toothbrush HX6150

5.0 2