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Philips SHL9500 Headphones

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Efficient, Economical and Effective


I've owned this pair of headphones for at least 3 years, and they are still going strong! I actually carry them around in my purse, so I can hand them to my 5- or 6- year old based on whoever's electronic game is the most annoying at the moment! And let me tell you, my purse is a scary scary place... the fact that they've withstood that wild environment AND my two boys is remarkable. They are not perfect, they are what they are. Things I love: they fold (efficient space-wise), they are not earbuds (ew, ouch, and WHY?!), they have padding on the inside of the over-head piece. Things I wish weren't so: The speakers that sit over your ear does not move other than where the arm goes (they're not connected with a ball-and-socket joint), the cord could be longer.


Chicago, IL


Philips SHL9500 Headphones

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