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Philips Reflex 5801XL Electric Shaver

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Gives an ok shave.


I had heard some good things about the philips reflex 5801 XL, but it wasn't as good as I expected. It gives a good shave, but not as close a shave as I would like.  It is easy to use and clean though. If your not a person who is worried about a close clean shave all the time, then this would be good for you.

Fairlawn, OH


Outstanding Philips Electric Shaver


I've tried many but this is the "one" shaver is the one that I would not trade for anything else.It's great for on the go shaving or at home. It doesn't leave your skin with razor burns. It actually leaves your skin soft and smooth.  This product makes a great gift for any men.  The blades actually allow to shave any type face structures.  It adapts to your features.

Clermont, FL


This close of a shave is bound to improve my sex life!!!


I really like this electric shaver. There is no need to lather up with shaving cream, so you can't run out of it and have to SETTLE for using soap instead. I HATE when that happens.You know, you lather up with soap, which doesn't protect you well, then you end up cutting yourself and then the soap burns your wound! Well don't worry there is no need for shaving cream at all! Save your money and buy this electric shaver instead! The blades stay nice and sharp and you will save time too. I spend Half the time I used to and you can shave while dressed without risking making a mess. This shaver is also good for excess body hair, without skin irritation. I caught my nephew, who is ten using my Phillups Reflex Electric Shaver and there was no need to get angry. This unit is tough, he couldn't hurt it even if he dropped it, and I didn't have to worry about him cutting him,self. Try that,(or not), with a razor blade type shaver. This product is so quick and easy to use, I can hit the 5 o'clock shadow and STILL save time compared to regular shavers. THANK YOU PHILLUPS!!!

Nipomo, CA


rubed the wrong way


daily use was not posible, ther was road rash almost from the first day!' when I asked my husbund if he wanted me to donate his christmas gift to charity, he asked why nohe would not give it to an enamy .(the road rash)

Washougal, WA


This is a great shaver


I purchased this shaver for my husband 2 years ago. He does not have a heavy beard but it is curly. He has trouble getting this shaver into his neck area and around his chin. It does not give a very close shave even in the easier to reach areas. The pros are is it is easy to use, economical, easy to clean, and easy to charge.

Montgomery, AL


Philips Reflex 5801XL Electric Shaver

3.6 5