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Philips Norelco 8240XL Speed Shaving System for Men

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Shaving machine


Are good but painful when you use thank you.




Philips Norelco 8240XL Review


I gave this to my boyfriend as a gift last Christmas, so I decided to let him review it instead. After all, he is the one who uses it every day!! "I received this shaver as a gift about a month ago and I have been using it ever since. I had never used a machine to before because I had used nothing but razors all my life. The first 2 weeks with the machine were a little uncomfortable, but my skin finally adjusted to the machine nicely and it's been smooth sailing since. It provides a close, comfortable and quick shave. It's easy to clean, and has impressive battery life. I shave once a day Monday to Friday and I have only had to recharge the battery once. It is convenient when travelling because of its reasonable size and the aforementioned battery life.  The only significant problem I have experienced with this machine is that it tends to skip over the area where the jaw bones meet the neck. I understand that that area is traditionally difficult to shave, and I believe it is because of the angle. Now that I have owned this machine for a while, I know that I have to run the machine over that area a few extra times in order to look like I shaved in front of a mirror. Overall, I would give this machine a solid B+, and I would definitely recommend it to my friends."


North Bergen, NJ


Cut close with the Philips Norelco razor.


My wife bought me this razor as a pre-Christmas present because we both felt it was time to replace the old electric razor that I'd been using for the last five years or so.  I always thought that old razor did a fine job of giving me a close shave, but after trying the Philips Norelco razor for the first time, I realized what superiority truly is.  For once I didn't have a five o'clock shadow at two in the afternoon.  For the first time it took me less than ten minutes to shave in the morning.  Unbelievably, I no longer had to charge my razor after every two uses.  If it wasn't just a razor, I might be so rash as to say that it changed my life.  However I will say that it made my morning routine much quicker and I can almost go two to three days without shaving because it cuts so close.  For some reason it also doesn't leave my skin as irritated as my previous razor, and I don't even need to use that Lectric Shave mystery potion that Carmen Electra pushes.


Columbia, MO


Fast and painless


This is my first electric razor and I am a big fan.. I use to use the manual razors but got this for christmas and my life is soo much more easier.. Takes me half the time to shave in the mornings and gives me a clean cut everytime.. Very smooth and gentle to the touch.. I love the design and chose this for it's reliablity.. They battery charge last a long time and I never have to worry about it dying on my when I am in a rush.. I love this soo much I plan on upgrading pretty soon.. Cleaning it is very easy and fast as well.. Just pop the top and wash with water.. I didn't like popping the top for the first time and having all my old faical hair all over my counter, but that was just me being a complete noob.. I have yet to replace the cartriage but that is the only con on this I guess.. The price for replacement is pretty expensive and not sure what I'm going to do afterwards.. Overall I think this is perfect for travel and simple cut and would highly recommend this..


Foothill Ranch, CA


The Philips Norelco 8240 packs speed and accuracy!


I personally enjoy shaving with a electric shaver in the morning. With the Philips Norelco 8240 you can shave without water and still feel a clean shave. It's fast and accurate which makes your shaving experience fond. You don't need to tug and pull in order to get every bit of hair on your chin. The job will get done quick and cleaning of the top is easier than ever. Pull open the top and rinse with water, it takes less than two minute. The battery life on the shaver is great consider you don't need to shave for hours straight. It's not a heavy product which makes the user feel free while using it elsewhere. I recommend the Philips brand product in general because it's affordable and comes in various models which is a bit pricey or cheaper depending on your perferences. There's a wide variety that you can pick from which makes the brand great and majority of the time, there is sale going on for them.


Brooklyn, NY


The Norelco 8240XL is a great, quiet shaver


I really like the Philips Norelco 8240XL shaver. It has good battery life and it is quiet. I would recommend this shaver to anyone that values an electric razor that doesn't sound like a jet engine. This Norelco rotary shaver is not noise-free, but it is ten times more quiet compared to a Panasonic foil razor that I have. Rotary shavers are generally more quiet than foil shavers. This shaver is definitely more quiet compared to foil razors. This Panasonic shaver may not work for everyone, but for me, it shaves close. I find that I sometimes have to go over the same spot more than once to get the shaver to cut all the hairs. This might be a bothersome thing, but I do not think it is a bad thing. It is like massaging my face, so going over the same spot is not an annoyance. This shaver is easy to clean. I just pop open the thing and run it under the faucet. It is waterproof, so you do not have to worry about water damage. The best thing about this Norelco 8240XL rotary shaver is that it is much quieter than foil shavers. It feels ergonomic in the hand. This razor shaves close for me, but I do not have a full thick beard.


Minneapolis, MN


Philips Norelco 8240XL Speed Shaving perfect if your on the move


**Philips Norelco 8240XL Speed Shaving System for Men** **a must have because of the name.** **if your on the go all the timne this is perfect. i shave while i watch tv then finish in the mirror. you can trim also with the pop out bit. straight edges for the side burns. very comfortable shave also.** **has its own charger sits in there when your not using it. ive never ran out of power. perfect for vacations. all men should have one as it saves on those expensive cart-rages you can get for 5 bucks a go!**


Balsam, NC


It just so so


*This Norelco 8240XL was not one of my favorites.  We got it couple of years ago and it didn't last as long as other Norelco whave owned.  It didn't hold the charge for very long and it  didn't shave very well.  For the price of this one I could have bought couple of cheap ones with the same quality.  It felt like it was struggling to keep a charge..*


Salem, OR


Philips Norelco The Best


I used this electric razor and it was the best in electric razors that I have used! I am not really an electric shave user but this worked good it gave me a close comfortable shave without using shaving cream.I would definetly consider an electric razor after using this.The only thing is I would find it a little confusing on a store shelf maybe a grooming shaver such as  remington and would confuse it with that.The good part is the abscence of shaving cream which I use when i shave!No mess and just as good as my fusion razorwhich I use> Sometimes electric razors dont give as close a shave,this one is good!


Lake Grove, NY


love the rinse and go feature


I got this electric razor for my husband as a replacement for his old norelco and he really seems to like it. Things we've noticed that are nice improvements over his old one: the triple ringed heads - ie each of the three shaving heads has three rings of shaving within the head which makes shaving time much faster as it give him more coverage in the same amount of time as his single ring (triple head) shaver. it's so quiet I can hardly hear him shave in the morning - a great improvement over the super noisy one, especially since he gets up at the crack of dawn and I don't. we both love that this one allows you to rinse it clean under running water. As the primary home cleaner, I find that means a lot less mess in the sink every morning, ergo i don't have to clean up after him as much (woo hoo!). the shaver also holds a charge for what seems like forever. I think he only charges it once every two weeks or so. often he doesn't even have to take the charger with him when he travels which is nice because that's one more thing he doesn't have to worry about leaving behind. So if you're already a user of electric shavers, you will love this norelco model. it's a nice close shave, quiet, efficient, easy to clean. For those of you who prefer the close shave of a real razor... electric is just different. my husband hates real razors so this is absolutely the best solution for him.  


Sugar Land, TX


Philips Norelco 8240XL Speed Shaving System for Men

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