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Philips - Indoor HD antenna SDV2710/27

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The Phillips - Indoor HD antenna SDV2710/27 is a good deal.


I just bought a Phillips - Indoor HD antenna SDV2710/27 for $19.99. I plugged it into my converter box and instantly noticed marked improvement.  I'm picking up 15 channels with clear strong signals and without having to move the antenna around.  With my previous rabbit ears I got about 10 channels, but would have to go to great lengths in order to find the best positions for the antenna to pick them up. I am quite happy with this twenty-dollar purchase.  I think it is well worth the money.  

Kent, WA


Better off with a dollar store VHF Rabbit Ear with UHF access


   I bought this Philips indoor HD antenna @ Target, cost 19.95 plus tax.  Installed it in seconds after taking it out of the box.    I reconfigured my HD converter box connected to this antenna.  It is not a powered model so there is no amplified gain control.    The signal strength received and quality of the picture did not improve.  I compared it to  the Rabbit ears that were attached to the TV.  Very disappointing.  The only thing good about the antenna is that it has a small footprint.     The HD people would like us to believe we need to purchase special antennas to get over air transmissions when HD signals are broadcast in UHF signals.     That is all one needs once the switch is made in June to trap a signal.  We also will need a converter box.

Sunrise, FL


Philips - Indoor HD antenna SDV2710/27

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