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Philips In-Ear Surround Sound Earbuds

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Sound quality that got me hooked! until...


Lets start off with saying that these were my most FAVORITE ear phones for the longest time. The sound factor was crisp, clear and amazing. I couldn't ask for a better pair. The cons with this though was that they lasted me less then a year. To be more exact, around 8 months before the wiring started to get messed up and I could only hear out of one ear bud. I went and bought a new pair because I didn't think any other ear phones could compare to the comfort and the sound quality at the time and thought that I just got bad luck and bought a fluke. I was really disappointed when I found out the new pair I bought to replace the old ones also lasted me less then a year. I called up the manufacturing company since these were under one year warrenty and they told me that I needed to send the headphones back to them (more money out of my pocket) for them to send me a new pair or a referbished pair. My answer was NO THANK YOU. Twice in a row these ear buds failed me and for a college student at the time, they weren't cheap. I need to move on to something else that would last me longer then 8 months!



Philips Earbuds--awesome for the price!


What an incredible set of ear buds! My husband received these ear buds as a gift. I needed to use them a couple times and boy am I glad I got the opportunity to use them. These are some pretty amazing little items! The sound quality is really great with them. You can hear everything very clearly. The bass comes through very clear. In addition, they are so comfortable in your ear. They fit easily and then you don't have to keep fooling with them, they're just perfect instantly and after a few seconds you don't even realize you have them in. Also, they kind of suction to you ears. Because they fit so perfectly in the ear, these ear buds block out almost all other noise. They have a great and sleek design and from what I've seen (a 3 year old and 9 month old tugging on them a lot and sometimes harder than they should), these little babies are very durable. I believe these are a great little pair of ear buds and are really a good investment for the money.

Greer, SC


small but powerful


The Philips In-ear surround sound earbuds may look fairly unexciting, but your feelings for them will change the moment you slip them into your ears. While small and unimposing they deliver truly exceptional sounds quality. I would recommend these to anyone that is unwilling to compromise on sound quality when listening to music while away from their stereo system.

Boulder, CO


Nice sound


I have purchased numerous earbuds to find ones that would fit my small ears comfortably and provide adequate bass. Until thes, I have wasted my money. These earbuds are compact, easy to insert, comfortable, and have great sound. I wear them on the subway to and from work and it blocks out just enough sound so that I can still hear the announcements on the train.  

Jamaica, NY


the best Ive heard


these ear buds have a surround sound that beats all  except the bose model . It comes with 2 pair of rubber like sleves so you can get the fit you like.  you can hear the sound as it surrounds you. I was and am always looking for a headphone/ear bud that you can hear over the lawnmower, well I found it. I call these earbuds a great buy at 19.99 at cvs pharmacy. Bob  

Corryton, TN


Sound quality=sweet earpains=bad


Wow these headphones look sexy,and suprisingly sound quality is not bad either.I am almost scared to raise the volume to full because the bass from these earbuds will have your ears ringing,unfortunatly the uncomfartable ear inserts more then make up for the second of music bliss.First of all i'd like to say this is only my opinon,for a limited number of people these earbuds fit very well.but for me,none of the provided three ear inserts fit my ear canal right and I ended up with a huge ear ache.If these are your first pair of in-ear earbuds,i advise you to get a different pair,as these will most likely have you cursing at yourself 10 minutes after you open them.

Chicago, IL


Philips In-Ear Surround Sound Earbuds

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