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Philips In-Ear Headset (Blue)


Balanced sound or your mobile phone. Twin vents bring greater balance and harmony to your phone's music, while the integrated mic picks up your voice clearly. And with the headsets' soft ear buds you'll enjoy many hours of music and calls in comfort.

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Matches Ipods perfectly, works just as well as the original ones


I bought these blue headphones for the Ipod because the Apple-issue ones that came with it were worn out. These match the blue Ipod color beautifully, which was a nice fun touch. And the black wires are discreet enough that they blend in with winter coats etc so if you're walking alone it doesn't scream "I am wearing headphones"! I really like them comfort-wise because most headphones these days are the pointy in-ear kind and those are painful to me, plus my doc asked me not to wear those so as to preserve hearing health. All in all, they're light, affordable, easily available and a fun color, so I give them a big thumbs up. The one thing I do wish is that Philips/other manufacturers would make the round bud in different sizes to fit different ears, cos if you wear them a long time, I notice my ears do start hurting/feeling sore from the bud pushing against skin.

Boston, MA


Philips In-Ear Headset (Blue)

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